4 Ways To Liven Up A Stale Bathroom

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No matter how nicely designed your bathroom is, it starts getting old after a couple of years. If you can’t afford a full on renovation for now, there are ways to at least breathe life back into it. Here are some tips to make your bathroom feel and look brand new again.

1. Update Your Color Scheme
Majority will agree that white is a timeless color in the bathroom or even the entire house. However, white paint starts to look yellowish over time which screams old. If you have a small space and don’t exactly like too dark color scheme because it makes the bathroom feel cramped, you can simply re-paint it with white. This should at least freshen up the whole space, even better if you can paint even just one wall with the latest Pantone color of the year to really take your color scheme up a notch.

2. Embrace Nature
Nothing feels livelier than greenery. You don’t have to turn your entire bathroom into a mini forest but even a couple of potted plants can brighten up the space. Aside from that, you also get to enjoy a bit of fresher air since plants are natural air purifiers. Just make sure you pick a plant that best suits high humidity, warm temperature and low lighting areas so that they don’t die out so easily. Aloe Vera, Chinese evergreen, orchids and spider plants are great examples and look great as display too.

3. Change Your Sanitary Wares And Fittings
Okay, this may be not the cheapest option when giving your bathroom a makeover. But, if you’ve been living in the same house for 5 to 10 years or more, then chances are that you sanitary wares already have scratches, discoloration, or nicks and chips around the edges especially if you share the same bathroom with other family members. With that said, buying new ones will not only make the entire room feel new again, but will also make a lot difference in the entire bathroom appeal. Fullsun’s TOTO products have several series of toilets, lavatories, bathtubs, taps, and showers that you can choose from. You can rest assured that all the products are not only high quality but also stylish.

4. Add New Features And Focal Points
When it comes to renovations, adding something that wasn’t there before instantly changes the area entirely. So, if you can afford it, how about adding a bathtub if your bathroom only had a shower before? If you don’t have the space for that, even switching up your old sink with a modern and uniquely designed one can make it feel like you’re in a completely different bathroom.

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