5 Tips To Create A Perfect Powder Room

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When designing your powder room, it’s important that you invest just as much as you would in your bathroom because aside from creating a lasting impression on those who visit your home, it’s still a part of your home. So you want it to look as good as possible because it also makes up your entire home’s appeal.

If you can’t afford architects and interior designer to create it for you, here are some tips that will help you build a beautiful one even without the help of professional designers.

1. Flooring
Vitrified ceramic tiles are the one often used in bathrooms or powder rooms because of its water and frost resistance. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to that when it comes to the powder room because the floor will be less likely to be wet. You can also use marble, stone, and granite for alternative and give your flooring some character.

2. Materials, Colors, And Texture
When it comes to the walls, try not to go too crazy because powder rooms usually are smaller. So a busy wall may make it look smaller. What you can do is opt for an overall subtle color. Just add a textured accent wall or art work if you really want to have an embellished wall. Reflective wall helps make the room brighter while light colored natural materials as well as elegant light fixtures all helps give it an elegant appeal.

3. True Beauty Is In The Details
Since the space is small, you can’t do large sanitary wares and fittings, otherwise you’ll end up with a cramped looking powder room. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look a certain way. The key is to look for faucet with cascade flow, wall-mounted toilet, or corner sink. Unique details allow you to add visual interest without over-decorating.

4. Choose A Contemporary Wash Basin
Sculptural washbasin, bronze washbasin, and washbasins made up of marble are all options you can choose from that can really make statement. The best thing about them is that they don’t take that much space, just as functional while adding a wow-factor to the room.

5. Value Limited Space
When planning the layout of a half bathroom there are three major objects to consider: the door, toilet, and sink. If you have a space large enough to accommodate the swing of the typical hinged door that will be the easiest option for most powder room designs. Otherwise, you can go with something that has less (or no) swing, like double doors or pocket doors — these will give you more options in terms of the toilet and sink placement. Consider fixtures that can maximize the room’s limited space. Use wall-hung toilets which are minimalist in design and can make the entire room feel spacious. For example, space-saving toilets with slim seat covers are increasingly becoming a trendsetter.