5 TOTO Shower Head Technologies You’ll Love To Have

5 TOTO Shower Head Technologies

Are you someone who enjoys winding down after a long day with a good shower? For a relaxing shower, it is important to have a good shower head that will allow you the flexibility to adjust the ideal spray type.

So, if you’re in the market for the best showerhead in Singapore, then TOTO will be your best option. The shower heads from TOTO are equipped with the latest technology to provide you with the best showering experience while reducing water consumption.

Why Get a TOTO Shower Head

TOTO uses the latest technologies to provide enhanced experiences through various methods to further increase your shower’s benefits while keeping an eye on environmental impacts.

The aerial shower technology, for example, enables users to feel as though they are under a full spray of water while using less water, allowing you to contribute to water conservation and lower your water bills. Some showers also have a Gyrostream feature, which provides the same soothing effect as a bathtub – a calming aqua massage that covers a large part of the body.

Some TOTO shower heads also have the Active Wave, Warm Spa, and Comfort Wave technologies, which work together as customisable shower modes.

TOTO Shower Head Technologies

Humankind has long sought to employ technology to make life simpler and more comfortable, and the shower is no exception. In addition to the many advantages that both hot and cold showers offer, the latest technology is largely built into shower heads to control features such as water pressure, pressure patterns, and other elements.

Check out the technologies you can experience with TOTO shower heads if you’re looking for a hand shower or even a rain shower head in Singapore equipped with features that may offer you an incredible shower experience.

Aerial Pulse

Aerial Pulse -2-

TOTO fixed shower heads include Aerial Pulse technology, which provides a strong flow with minimal water usage. The shower head draws in air, which is added to the water.

To create a calming experience, the shower head pulses the larger water droplets as they descend. Changes in air concentration within the water droplets are made quickly to produce the pulsating effect.



Using the Air-Injection system, less water is used. By aerating the water, you can use less water while still taking a shower with a full stream.

Gyro Stream


The invigorating massage is delivered by rotating nozzles that cover a large part of the body. Water sprays out from nozzles that rotate in opposite directions, giving a strong flow of water. These water vortices produce a stimulating massage sensation.

Warm Spa

Warm Spa

While it may seem impossible, Warm Spa technology has the potential to simulate the experience of a warm bath, except in a shower. This technology produces a single pillar of warm water that streams down gently from shower heads, and as the water touches your body, it cascades around your body shape and envelops you without a splash. Your body will warm up in the shower, just like in a bath.

Smooth water is essential to the Warm Spa technology because it is better at holding onto the heat and transferring it to your body.

Comfort Wave/ Active Wave

Comfort Wave_Active Wave

Today, many TOTO hand showers feature interchangeable Comfort Wave and Active Wave settings. These use large droplet shower nozzles. As a result, the water swing and flow are stronger, providing a relaxing, energising shower while simultaneously using less water.

You can easily switch between the two modes depending on how you like to shower and how the water feels on your skin. Comfort Flow, as the name implies, gives you a moderately intense water flow which offers you a more refreshing shower. On the other hand, active flow is stronger, more intense, and more energising than the former.

TOTO Shower Products To Consider

Depending on your needs, here are some shower products from TOTO that you can consider:

Shower Column – TMC95ECR

Shower Column - TMC95ECR

All of the incredible TOTO Shower technology innovations are included in the sleek yet efficient TMC95ECR Shower Column. It features three different shower options that enable you to choose and maintain the ideal temperature. Those options are:

  • Aerated water
  • Pulsating function
  • The Shape Memory Alloy (SMA)

Handshower & Set – TBW01010A

Hand shower & Set

If your bathroom has a zen design and you’re looking for a hand shower to fit your style, then this TBW01010A hand shower & set will be the ideal option. Its round shape and lack of an anti-rotation mechanism give this showerhead a minimalist and elegant look. Additionally, there are also three different shower options to choose from, which are:

  • Warm pillar
  • Comfort wave
  • Active wave

Hand shower & Set –   TBW02006

Hand shower & Set - TBW02006

This square shaped hand shower is ideal for those who prefer shower sets with modern design. The chrome finish adds to the elegant look of this product as well. Moreover, this hand shower set is also comfortable and user-friendly with its anti-rotation mechanism. Lastly, there are also three different shower options to choose from, which are:

  • Warm pillar
  • Comfort wave
  • Active wave

Shower Mixer – TX449SNV1

Shower Mixer

The TX449SNV1 shower mixer from TOTO has SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) technology, which eliminates the need for manual temperature adjustment and allows you to save 5 to 7 litres of water per minute.

Select The Perfect Shower Head To Enjoy A Relaxing Shower

There are numerous benefits to having a good shower in the morning and evening. Not only does it energise or relax you, it also has other long-term benefits, such as:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Improving productivity
  • Boosting confidence

So, pick the best showerhead and start having the best showers in your life to improve your quality of life.

At FullSun, which is Singapore’s best TOTO shower head supplier, you can get advice and your questions answered by professional consultants that will recommend you the perfect TOTO showerhead for your bathroom. Drop by our showroom to browse through all the different ranges of TOTO products or contact us at 62950966 for more information.