6 Ideas To Maximize Space In Your Bathroom

hotel-inspired bathroom - stainless steel bathroom accessories

It would’ve been better if you get to have a big bathroom. However, just because you don’t doesn’t mean you can’t build a comfortable but stylish one. Here are some tips that will help you achieve that goal and if you’re lucky, you might even end up having a hotel-inspired bathroom.

1. Go Wall Mounted
Walls are often left unoccupied and unutilized in bathrooms. If you have limited floor space, then use the space you have on your walls. Wall mounted sanitary wares and fittings are great space savers, not only because they free up floor space but also because it gives a smart modern look that makes a space look bigger than it is.

2. Conceal Pipework
While industrial interior design proudly displays the building materials, if your bathroom is already small, you might want to conceal pipework. Unconcealed pipework could make your bathroom chaotic and cramped.

3. Clever Storage Solutions
Storage is important and necessary in bathrooms, but they also take up a lot of space especially is you don’t know how to be strategic about them. For tight spaces, a full on cabinetry underneath the sink may not work but shelves above the sink as well as the toilet are just as great option for storage. Even hooks works well for hanging robes and towels without taking that much space.

4. Create A Wet Room
In a wet room there’s no shower door, and the water drains away directly through a drain in the floor. If you don’t have the budget for a wet room, you can still achieve a similar look with a walk in shower enclosure and low level shower tray. A walk in shower features a frameless glass screen and no door, which creates a bright and airy feel.

5. Make A Statement
While a huge artwork probably won’t fit but you can still get creative with a small space. You can use color scheme for both the walls and the floor which makes it difficult to tell where the floor ends and where the wall start. This creates fluidity in the space which can make any space look much bigger. Or using a bold tile design can still create statement without making the room feel and look small.

6. Accessorize
No ensuite is complete without a matching set of bathroom accessories and new towels. Display candles, perfume and luxury beauty products that are just way too nice to hide away in a cabinet. You could even add a touch of greenery with a couple of houseplants.