6 Things Most People Hate About Sharing A Bathroom With Someone

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Moving out of your parents’ house and living independently can be liberating and come with a lot of perks. But it can also be an awakening moment for you, especially when you start to realize all the things you’ve been taking for granted before. This is even more the case if you live with a roommate or even with your partner and their living habits starts to annoy you especially in the bathroom. Here are just some of the things that you’ll definitely hate about sharing a bathroom with someone.

1. “Forgetting” To Flush
Entering the bathroom with that overwhelming smell of pee is never pleasant. Sure you can let that go during those early mornings where people are usually still half asleep-half-awake. But when it happens all the time, this can really get on your nerves. So it’s best to talk it out with your roommate to avoid any more episodes in the future.

2. Spit Or Phlegm In The Sink
Sometimes, the sink doesn’t wash everything down. Sure it’s gross, but if this doesn’t happen every single time you need to use the sink just let it go and run the faucet again to wash it down. But now you understand why your mom used to yell at you all the time about the bathroom.

3. The Lingering Smell When Someone Went Number 2
If there’s anything worse than pee smell, that’s poo smell. It stinks which is why it’s so important to flush really well to make sure everything’s been washed out. The thing is, sometimes regular toilets with flush don’t do that well. For that, it’s probably a good idea to talk to your roommate about opting for TOTO Tornado Flush toilet that allows you to flush both the rim and bowl in an innovative way where it project three powerful jets of water from inside the bowl so you won’t have to flush twice and clean manually. If you’re still worried about the smell especially when you have visitors coming over or you really just wanna be thorough, burning one or two match sticks eliminates the smell, trust me.

4. Pee Splatter
If you live with a guy, you’re bound to encounter this at least a couple of times. To handle this you really have to be firm whether he’s a friend/family/romantic partner. Talk to him and explain that you two are sharing a house and a bathroom which means you also share the responsibility of keeping the space clean. So whoever made a mess should clean after themselves.

5. Not Contributing To The Bathroom Expenses
Speaking of sharing, this is also applicable when it comes to bathroom expenses like toilet paper, cleaning agents or materials and repairs. This should be discussed as soon as you move in together to avoid confusions and/or disagreements in the future. It can be really frustrating if either one of you ends up buying toilet paper all the time or paying for repairs. If you’re tired of the “who’s going to buy the next toilet paper” standoff, talk to your roommate and consider getting a washlet for the toilet. This isn’t just more hygienic, but it also eliminates the need for toilet paper, plus it prevents toilet clogging you’re no longer flushing toilet paper.

6. Using Your Products All The Time Without Even Asking
It’s fine if your roommate just run out of his or her products. However, if he or she just uses your products on a daily basis without any effort to buy his or her own or replace those of yours it can really make your blood boil. If discussing your concern with your roommate doesn’t help, time to start using small basket for all your toiletries so that you can just bring it with you to the bathroom and back to your room when you’re done. And always lock your room to avoid this problem.

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