6 Ways To Maintain An Eco-Friendly Bathroom

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It would be too impractical to renovate the entire bathroom just to achieve an eco-friendly one. However, there are still ways and habits that you can do to be more conscious of the environment while maintaining a fresher looking and feeling bathroom.

1. Replace Sanitary Wares And Fittings
Switch your old leaky taps or shower head for new low-flow or aerated versions. Once known for lowering the flow just a bit too much, modern aerated shower heads still allow you to enjoy plenty of pressure. And just as with leaking toilets, make sure to repair any leaky taps as soon as possible.

2. Maintenance
A leaking toilet and taps may not seem as big deal but you’d be surprised with how much water it wastes in a day. 200 liters—Is the reported amount of water any leaking sanitary wares and fittings waste in a day. Not only that this waste a natural resource but it also means paying money for water you didn’t even use. So better fix them as soon as you notice any leak.

3. Avoid Plastic As Much As Possible
Plastic is an amazing invention, but we use so much of them without knowing how to dispose them properly or limit the usage. So they often end up in landfills when they’re not even biodegradable. If you cannot avoid using them, you should at least limit it. There are so much trash already, let’s try not to contribute to that. Reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics, or better yet ditch them and opt for reusable cloth bags instead. It would also be great if you try to avoid buying bathroom essentials that are wrapped in plastics.

4. Choose Eco-Friendly Detergents And Cleaning Supplies
You may not realize that you’re throwing harmful chemicals in the soil, bodies of water, or plants while cleaning your bathroom. Why should cleaning your house cause damage when you have the option not to? Vinegar, baking soda, and borax are great alternative for conventional cleaning products

5. Switch To Organic Hygiene Products
This is another switch that will make a really big difference. Not only that you’re adding to the demand of toxic substances, you also get to save yourself from such elements from being absorb directly into your bloodstream which can affect your health eventually. There are a lot of organic toothpaste, shampoo, and soap that are already available in the market, but if you want, you can also make your own hygiene products. Recipes and instructions in making homemade hygiene products are all online and easy to follow.

6. Plant Few Indoor Herbs Or Plants
Planting more is always a good idea. Better if you can dedicate your whole backyard for an organic garden where you can plant vegetables and other edible plants. But if you don’t have the space, even indoor herbs or plants are great. The space on your bathroom window is enough for tiny pots to be displayed, plus this allows you to have natural ornaments that act as organic air freshener and insecticides too.