7 Simple Tips For Designing The Ideal Kids Bathroom

tips to decorate kids bathroom

When designing a new home or remodelling your existing one, your goal is to create a functional space for your family. Additionally, if you have kids in your home, you must pay extra attention to how the design will impact them. A kid-friendly bathroom combines functionality and safety while also being a space they enjoy using. 

If you want to transform your family bathroom to a little more child-friendly, consider creating a bathroom just for children. An effective children’s bathroom design will motivate younger children to develop healthy hygiene practices while fostering independence.

So, here are some simple and practical tips to help you design the perfect kid’s bathroom. 

Incorporate A Larger Basin

large basin

If your bathroom has enough space, think about using a large trough basin rather than two sinks. In order to avoid bathroom congestion, several children can brush their teeth at once in the spacious washbasin.

Using this as the bathroom theme’s focal point would be fun. If replacing the sink is on your mind, you’ll be relieved to learn that trough sinks are a common choice for adult interior designs. When combined with the appropriate lighting and decorations, your child’s bathroom layout can serve them well for the duration of their stay in your house.

At FullSun, the LW253CJ basin by TOTO will be ideal for your child’s bathroom if you’re on the market for one. It has the perfect size and depth for your little ones to enjoy cleaning up while also having some fun. Additionally, the white ceramic sink can easily complement any design concept you plan for the bathroom.

Use Bathroom Hooks

bathroom hooks 1 bathroom hook

The small details are what provide a family bathroom for children with more functionality. Some of these details could include the following:

  • Bathroom hooks
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Wall-hung soap dispensers

All of these promote independence in young children and organisation in the bathroom because they make toilet activities so much easier. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with refolding or adjusting bath towels. 

If you’re in the market for durable and stylish bathroom hooks, the KA-90712G-D by LOUIS and TX704AES by TOTO will be the perfect addition to your child’s bathroom. The simplicity of the design makes it versatile and seamlessly fits into any bathroom design. 

Install A Thermostatic Shower

Once your children reach a stage to bathe by themselves, they may initially struggle with learning how to adjust the shower temperatures accordingly. Done incorrectly, they could possibly scald themselves! To prevent this, it’s good to install a thermostatic shower, as these help maintain a constant temperature that’s safe for children to use.

For this, you can use a TOTO shower mixer that’s equipped with SMA technology. This technology helps in maintaining a steady water temperature, even in the face of fluctuating water supply temperatures and pressure levels caused by water use elsewhere in the home. This makes shower time safe and comfortable for your children, anytime.

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A Safe Step-Up Stool

Have a step stool integrated into the child’s vanity to remove the large step stool that is awkwardly placed in the small bathroom. Given that bathroom vanities are frequently designed for adults, a built-in step stool can make the items on the counter effortlessly reachable for your children. 

With a built-in step stool, you can save space and store it properly to prevent it from becoming a hazardous obstacle. 

Open-Shelving For Easy Access

When items are visible to children, they can quickly identify them and put them away. Open shelves can be used to store bath toys, towels, and amenities. In addition to being a common design feature in many contemporary kid’s bathroom designs, open bathroom shelving is often utilised to display bathroom accessories in guest bathrooms.

Given how quickly children grow, most families remodelling their children’s bathrooms are reluctant to make too many modifications. In truth, most child-friendly bathroom design ideas are incredible since they can easily be included or modified in the overall bathroom layout.

Include Your Child In The Design Process

Most importantly, this room in your home should be an exciting space that perfectly reflects your child’s unique personality. Allow your children to participate in the creative process by integrating their favourite colours, animals, or designs. In addition to being a setting where you can be creative, it should be one that suits your family. 

Instead of installing a traditional landscape, use this opportunity to involve your child in the remodelling process by exhibiting their finger-paint creation. This personalises the bathroom experience for everyone who uses it.

Wainscotting For Durability

You are undoubtedly fully aware of the damage that kids can do to walls, particularly when they have a marker in their hands. Adding wainscoting will make cleaning easier because it can be finished with semi-gloss or glossy paint, which protects the bottom walls from moisture.

Consider A Full Tile Wall

Children will undoubtedly splash water all over the bathroom, so tiling the area from the shower to the washbasin and all around the toilet will preserve your walls. Tiles are also easy to maintain. The best part is that you can choose colours that highlight the playful aspect of this space.

Promote Healthy Hygiene With Your Children By Creating A Fun Bathroom

If a children’s bathroom is properly designed, it can offer a clean, practical space for the entire family. Additionally, a bathroom that is adaptable enough to grow with the child will be an excellent long-term investment.

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