8 Ways To Improve Your Bathroom In Order To Make Your House More Sellable

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Buying and owning a home for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. But majority of people who are looking into buying their own homes have become more smart and picky even when buying a pre-owned one. When you’re trying to prepare your house for a sale, don’t just focus on popular rooms like living room or bedroom, you have to make sure that the bathroom looks immaculate too.

The bathroom may not be the highlight of your house but it’s definitely a crucial part of the house that no homeowner can go without it or one with defects. So, to make sure your potential buyers are impressed with your house and decide to buy it, here are some tips to improve your bathroom.

1. Clear Off The Counters
All your toiletries and other bathroom supplies should be out of sight. People buying a house go into one with the hope that it could be their new home. Seeing bathroom products of other people doesn’t exactly make it feel like it can be their new personal space because it’s distracting and a little awkward. So make sure you create a blank canvass for them by clearing the counters.

2. Get Rid Of Cleaning Products
This is almost the same with the previous tip. Remember, people like the beautiful spa-like appearance of a new bathroom. Having cleaning products and supplies lying around as they check the bathroom ruins it for them.

3. Maximize Your Storage
People naturally have a lot of stuff which they likely to bring into their new home when they move. So, one of the things they look into when they shopping around for houses are the available storage space that the house, especially the bathroom, offers. Why? Because they’ll be like “Where will I put my toiletries and stuff in here if this bathroom only have so little storage space?” So you have to organize your cupboards and shelves to make it seem like they have enough space for their own belongings.

4. Upgrade Your Sanitary Wares And Fittings
When it comes to sanitary wares and fittings you don’t have to necessarily purchasing top of the line brands. You just have to carefully choose because they are the most used things in your bathroom which your potential buyers will also take into consideration. So they should be durable and pretty enough to last for years. Fullsun’s TOTO products have several series of toilets, lavatories, bathtubs, taps, and showers that you can choose from. You can rest assured that all the products are not only high quality but also stylish and affordable.

5. Give It A Good Scrub
Who likes a bathroom that looks like it hasn’t been scrubbed for a while? Buyers like to spend their money on things that looks new and still in good shape despite the fact that they’re buying a pre-owned house. So to create a new feel, you must ensure that every inch of the bathroom is neat and tidy to give off the impression that your home and bathroom is well maintained.

6. Hang Fancy Towels
Hanging luxurious, hotel type and new (if possible) towels make the bathroom instantly look posh too. This may just be for dramatic effect but if it works and your house gets sold, why not?

7. Keep Things Neutral
Speaking of posh, nothing beats neutral palette when comes to achieving the luxurious look. This is the reason why most hotels stick to white, gray or taupe themed bathrooms because it makes the space look expensive. So you might want to keep your tiles, walls and even cabinets in neutral colors.

8. Make Sure To Fix Any Plumbing Problems
If you have persistent drain problems or are have leaking shower or sink, make sure you get that fixed before putting the house for sale. This way, once they’re taken care of, any time a potential buyer wants to survey the house you won’t worry about the bathroom turning them off because of the plumbing problems or defects. Most people don’t like to deal with those, especially if they’re buying a house, so they tend to look into bathroom problems that a house may have before deciding to purchase it.

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