9 Things Every Bathroom Should Have


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Majority of people would prefer to have their own bathroom instead of having a shared one. This is because even if it’s a bathroom shared within family members, there’s still something unnerving about using the same bathroom where other people doing their business there too. Plus having your own means no more waiting in line when you’re already running late.

Because of this, the first time you get your very own bathroom in your first “grown-up” apartment; it’s not surprising if you get carried away with decorating. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong in creating a beautiful bathroom you shouldn’t forget to prioritize important bathroom essentials. Here are some things that your bathroom shouldn’t be without.

1. Good Lighting
A good lighting can make a difference in your bathroom especially if you have a small space. It helps open up the whole space and make it look bigger than it actually is.

2. Good Mirror
Just because your bathroom already has a mirror doesn’t mean you can’t put more. You can always mount a bigger one on one of the walls so you don’t have to grab a stool to step on every time you want to see you entire body. Aside from that, it also gives the illusion of a bigger space and makes your bathroom look brighter too.

3. Good Cleaning Supplies
Your bathroom may be off limits to other people but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get dirty and breed germs and bacteria. Always have a stock of cleaning supplies in your bathroom so that you can easily clean at least once a week.

4. Good Storage Solutions
There’s no such thing as too much storage (especially if you’re a woman). If you can’t have a lot of cabinetry look beyond the bath stores and consider bedside tables, mini book shelves and étagères with baskets for extra storage. And don’t forget the space behind the toilet!

5. Good Window Treatment
Whether you have a large window or a small one in your bathroom, you should make sure it looks good (meaning it doesn’t look like a grime hive) and it protects your privacy. You don’t want to be exposed to your neighbors while taking a shower right?

6. Toothbrush Holder
This doesn’t seem necessary until your toothbrush falls into the toilet or the floor. Or you catch a cockroach cozily sitting on top of your toothbrush (ewww!) Get yourself a toothbrush holder before this happens to you.

7. Good Smelling Hand Soap
The golden rule is to wash your hands before and after using the restroom. Having nice smelling hand soap or that liquid hand wash in those press dispensers (which are more sanitary to use) should be non-negotiable.

8. Invest In Made-To-Measure Sanitary Fittings And Fixtures
A well-thought-out design can fit all the essentials into as little as two square meters for a bathroom and even less for a shower room. The key is not to squeeze too much in. If you only have a small space, it’s much better to make a focal point of a walk-in shower or a beautiful bath, rather than ending up with a cramped bathroom.

9. Trash Can
You’d be surprised with how much trash you can accumulate in a day. Don’t be that person who has nowhere to dump his trash so it ends up on the sink or counter top. Having a trash can is just easier to maintain a clutter-free space no matter how lazy you are. Plus points if you manage to find one that go with the aesthetic of your bathroom and doesn’t look like a trash can at the same time.