9 Tips To Upgrade Your Bathroom

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Traditionally, bathrooms were only needed for personal hygiene and excretion. However, times have changed which also altered how people view and utilizes their bathroom nowadays. Today, bathrooms have become a place where people retreat to when they want to relax and soak their stress away. In fact, a long warm bubble bath is now one of the famous ways of destressing. If you’re one of those who view their bathroom as more than a utility room and find it necessary that it reflects your personality as well as the modern era, here are some tips that you may find helpful, especially if you’re planning to renovate.

1. Alternative Freestanding Baths
Make your bathtub the focal point in your bathroom. Choose one that has a quirky twist. It can be an atypical shape or get an infinity tub. This immediately draws the attention to the bath and gives the room a modern vibe even when it’s the only thing in the bathroom that is futuristic in a sense.

2. Hand Dryers
If you hate using loo rolls to dry your hands and don’t like re-using the same towel to dry your hands, try adding a hand dryer in your bathroom. If you’re worried about the noise since those in malls and hotels are often noisy, you can get a model that is from a quiet range in the market nowadays.

3. Funky Taps
You know those taps with unconventional design and equipped with a proximity sensor and mechanism that opens its valve to allow water to flow in response to the presence of a hand or hands in close proximity? They don’t just give a hotel-ish vibe in your bathroom but reduces water waste making the investment definitely worth it.

4. Multifunctional Mirrors
Gone are the days where you can can’t hear your music properly in the bathroom or worrying that your device will get water damaged, the Jarrow LED mirror has its own integrated Bluetooth speakers. You simply need to pair it with your smartphone or tablet, and then you can listen to your music whilst you’re having some down time or getting ready. As it includes four LED strips of lighting and de-misting technology it can illuminate your face efficiently, giving you the perfect amount of lighting to apply your makeup evenly.

5. Sophisticated Vanity Units
If you spend a lot of time using the vanity unit, it only makes sense that you switch it up with a sleek and elegant design. Plus points if you can get one with clever storage solution! So that you have space for all your toiletries, cleaning products, makeups and other stuff that you need in your bathroom.

6. Over-The-Tub Wire Rack
Something as simple as this makes your time in the bath more comfortable, convenient, not to mention posh. No more having trouble finding a way to have your book, phone, candles, and glass of wine near you while enjoying a warm bath.

7. Freshen Up Your Sanitary Wares
Okay, this may be not the cheapest option when giving your bathroom a makeover. But, if you’ve been living in the same house for 5 to 10 years or more, then chances are that you sanitary wares already have scratches, discoloration, or nicks and chips around the edges especially if you share the same bathroom with other family members. With that said, buying new ones will not only make the entire room feel new again, but will also make a lot difference in looking better.

8. Update The Hardware
Bathroom fixtures including hooks, handles, faucets and soap dispensers can be quickly and easily replaced and will give the space an updated feel. Most bathrooms look their best when all of the metals match in color and finish.

9. Replace Your Lighting
Remember how lighting can make a room feel cramped or spacious depending on how it illuminates the room? Aside from that, it can definitely change a room’s appeal by replacing lighting fixtures. If you’re still using standard fluorescent, how about you change it up with a statement lighting piece? Your lighting fixtures can really date your overall bathroom design.