Bathroom Trends You Don’t Wanna Dip Into

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You don’t have to renovate every time a new bathroom trend or design comes out. But if your bathroom no longer look cohesive to the rest of your house or some of your sanitary wares have become way too old looking to look presentable then it’s probably time to upgrade. But if you’re planning on updating the look of your bathroom with a trend in mind, it doesn’t hurt to reconsider and research more.

Trends are fun but when it comes to something permanent in your life and house, like your bathroom, you may wanna be careful in trying them out. This is especially important if you don’t want to renovate often and plan on selling your house in the future.

Over sized Tubs
Over sized tubs looks and feels luxurious. But they’re also impractical in a lot of ways like the space they take up and amount of water it needs to be able to be filled. So, if you don’t really have a particular reason for wanting an over sized tub aside from following the trend, better stick with the standard-sized ones.

Even better if you go for a shower area instead, especially if you want to conserve water in the long run. Fullsun’s TOTO Technology offers two shower heads which are the Aerial Shower and Aerial Pulse that promotes comfortable and enjoyable experience while reducing water consumption. Aside from that, they also have faucets equipped with self-power feature and EcoCap that allows you to enjoy satisfying water stream while washing your hands while reducing water consumption.

White Everything
The all white look is definitely popular, especially for those who are trying to go for the minimalist look. But if you don’t have the time to clean regularly to keep every space as white, you’ll have a hard time maintaining the pristine look it’s supposed to have. So if you’re adamant on white walls, then try a different neutral color for the floors, other surfaces.

Tacky Colors
While the all-white look can be boring and hard to maintain, bold ones can be an eyesore after a while too! If you’re going for colors, at least don’t go for those that looks dated quickly like shades of mustard, salmon and avocado.

Copper Materials
Rose and copper finishes have been the thing for the past couple of years but that’s starting to decline lately. If you’re planning on remodeling around the end of the year, either look up the latest material trend or stick with those that stand the test of time.

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