Let’s Talk Toilets

Mr Gan received interview request from Mr Sugizaki San to talk about sanitary wares in hospital. The article below is a translation from the Japanese articles published by Mr Sugizaki San.

Let’s Talk Toilets

A businessman who contributes to an ageing society by selling Japanese toilets to hospitals.

Mr. Gan who sells toilets to hospitals in Singapore.  photo: Sugizaki Shinya

There is a businessman working hard to contribute to an aging society by selling Japan-made toilets to hospitals in Singapore. He is Mr. Gan Hong Sang, (55) who is Singapore’s local dealer of TOTO, the biggest sanitary ware manufacturer in Japan.

When he was 19, he moved from Malaysia to Singapore on his own, seeking business opportunities. While working as a salesman of electrical appliances, he was asked by an acquaintance if he would like to sell TOTO products that had been brought into Singapore. He actually felt love at first sight when he saw the products. His first thought was, “it is better than any toilet that is distributed in Singapore.”

However, the business did not go that well at first.

The turning point came when he was invited by a consultant company to participate in a government supported competition for the refurbishment of toilets for disabled facilities in 1999. The facility was built more than 30 years ago at that time. The toilets had become dirty due to wear and tear. The refurbishment was necessary as the disabled people felt stressed and did not want to use the facilities. When he first arrived at the facility, he was met with a bad smell of ammonia before entering the building.

What kind of washroom was necessary? Mr. Gan took over a year to assess the facility two or three times a week and thoroughly examined the details surrounding the toilet by listening to the way the residents used the toilet. He planned and designed the structure inside the toilet in detail, such as the height of the toilet seat, the installation of the handrail, the easy to clean floor etc.

“Bad products are meaningless. if you do not use high-quality items, it will not be an easy-to-use toilet for people with disabilities,” said Mr. Gan.

He was victorious at the competition by appealing with the quality of goods. The washrooms became easy to use after the refurbishment and he got favorable comments by its users.

“You can help disadvantaged people by putting out quality products.”
Such feelings were strongly carved in Gan’s heart.

Mr. Gan’s next aim were hospitals where the elderly people often spent a long time. In Singapore, where the aging of the population rapidly progresses, as with disabled people, elderly people also find the toilet environment difficult to use.

In 2003, the need for countermeasures against infectious diseases was heightened by the outbreak of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). As a result, there was a greater need for the refurbishment of hospital toilets. The demand for toilets in each ward was also increased in order to identify the source of infection etc. These factors encouraged Mr. Gan to sell TOTO products to hospitals.

With the increase of demand in toilets for hospital, our high-quality products with technologies that can provide higher sanitation would be in demand in that area” said Mr. Gan.

The other business people who knew about Mr. Gan’s successful renovation of the disabled facilities, also gave him their support.

By doing so, he now has a track record of toilet sales at the 10 hospitals in Singapore and his business had also gotten on track.
“About 60% of the hospitals planned for construction have adopted TOTO’s products,” Gan said.
“Promoting the highest quality toilets will improve the toilet environment for the elderly and will contribute to the aging society. Of course, it also leads to higher earnings. A win-win situation!”

(Globe Asahi. Shinya Sugizaki)

What Are The Elements Of A Modern Toilet Bowl In Singapore

modern toilet bowl

When you buy a toilet, you expect it to serve you for years or possibly a lifetime. Since the toilet bowl is one of the most used items at home, having one that does not function properly will be inconvenient. 

Selecting the ideal toilet bowl for your home is also important as it involves many factors. The perfect one has to be comfortable, practical and fit in well with the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the crucial elements of a modern toilet bowl that you need to consider when choosing a suitable toilet bowl in Singapore. 

Water-saving features

toto toilet bowl type water efficiency logo

Well-known companies continue to offer toilet bowl types with improved flushing systems. By doing this, water waste is decreased, and water efficiency is increased. 

All of TOTO’s toilet bowls, including the C889DESI, which has two distinct buttons for solid and liquid wastes, have dual-flush systems, which can help you conserve more water. As a result, you will be able to save on costs in the long run. 

Noise Level

toto toilet bowl

Installing a toilet bowl with water flowing as swiftly and softly as possible is the ideal solution. There should be no unwanted sounds. Hence, the Tornado Flush by TOTO Technology was invented. 

Tornado flushing is equipped in the newest TOTO toilets, including the CW553A. This revolutionary flushing system cleans and flushes both the rim and the bowl. It accomplishes this by reinventing the way a toilet flushes. 

The Tornado Flush releases three strong jets of water from inside the bowl rather than letting water drip from the rim as it would with a standard flush. This swirling effect produced by this action cleans the entire surface. It is quiet and uses less water than a conventional flush system while cleaning much more thoroughly.

Durability and ease of maintenance

Several innovative technologies have recently been integrated into toilet bowls, making them more durable and easy to maintain. In addition to performing better, these toilet bowls are easier to maintain and last longer before developing a major issue. 

Actilight and CeFiONtect by TOTO Technology, which spare you the hassle of cleaning your toilet, are two technological developments available on the TOTO Washlet. Actilight stands for the pinnacle of green technology. Its effective cleaning method raises the bar for cleanliness and hygienic conditions in your bathroom. It is virtually impossible for germs, filth, and mould to build up in the toilet bowl when Actilight is used in conjunction with all other TOTO cleaning technologies, such as eWater+. 

CeFiONtect, on the other hand, is a glaze that is applied on selected TOTO ceramic products, giving them a durable surface that eliminates the accumulation of waste, limescale, and mould. With CeFiONtect, your toilet bowl will have incredibly smooth surfaces to which barely any debris will adhere.

Flushing technology

The flushing mechanism is an additional feature to keep in mind. A single flush and a dual flush are the two flushing processes you can select from. The amount of water utilised with each flush in a single-flush toilet bowl is the same, resulting in water waste. In contrast, a dual-flush has both a half and a full flush. 

For liquid waste, a half flush is best, and for solid waste, a full flush is best. This will enable cost-saving and water reduction.

Style and design 

toto neorest toilet bowl

The style and design of the toilet bowl are crucial factors to take into account when selecting one for your bathroom. Toilet bowls come in a variety of styles, dimensions, and colours. Choose a toilet based on the colour scheme of your bathroom.

The shapes of toilet bowls include: 

  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Elongated

The shapes of toilet bowls include rectangular, circular, and elongated. Modern styles and shapes are used in place of the conventional 1-piece and 2-piece bowls, improving the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

rectangular toilet bowl

round toilet bowl

Wall-mounted toilet bowls are an example of such contemporary designs. They not only look classy and give the bathroom some uniqueness, but they are also easy to clean. Regardless of the toilet bowl’s design, the rest of the bathroom’s fixtures should match it.

wall mounted toilet bowl

The Perfect Toilet Bowl Should Meet Your Needs And Complement The Bathroom Design

When buying a toilet bowl in Singapore, you should keep the following things in mind. Since every household has unique requirements, you must decide which toilet features fit your needs and budget.

At FullSun, Singapore’s TOTO supplier, you can get advice and your questions answered by professional consultants who will recommend the perfect washlet and toilet bowl in Singapore for your bathroom. Drop by our showroom to browse through all the different ranges of TOTO products, or contact us at 62950966 for more information.

7 Simple Tips For Designing The Ideal Kids Bathroom

tips to decorate kids bathroom

When designing a new home or remodelling your existing one, your goal is to create a functional space for your family. Additionally, if you have kids in your home, you must pay extra attention to how the design will impact them. A kid-friendly bathroom combines functionality and safety while also being a space they enjoy using. 

If you want to transform your family bathroom to a little more child-friendly, consider creating a bathroom just for children. An effective children’s bathroom design will motivate younger children to develop healthy hygiene practices while fostering independence.

So, here are some simple and practical tips to help you design the perfect kid’s bathroom. 

Incorporate A Larger Basin

large basin

If your bathroom has enough space, think about using a large trough basin rather than two sinks. In order to avoid bathroom congestion, several children can brush their teeth at once in the spacious washbasin.

Using this as the bathroom theme’s focal point would be fun. If replacing the sink is on your mind, you’ll be relieved to learn that trough sinks are a common choice for adult interior designs. When combined with the appropriate lighting and decorations, your child’s bathroom layout can serve them well for the duration of their stay in your house.

At FullSun, the LW253CJ basin by TOTO will be ideal for your child’s bathroom if you’re on the market for one. It has the perfect size and depth for your little ones to enjoy cleaning up while also having some fun. Additionally, the white ceramic sink can easily complement any design concept you plan for the bathroom.

Use Bathroom Hooks

bathroom hooks 1 bathroom hook

The small details are what provide a family bathroom for children with more functionality. Some of these details could include the following:

  • Bathroom hooks
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Wall-hung soap dispensers

All of these promote independence in young children and organisation in the bathroom because they make toilet activities so much easier. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with refolding or adjusting bath towels. 

If you’re in the market for durable and stylish bathroom hooks, the KA-90712G-D by LOUIS and TX704AES by TOTO will be the perfect addition to your child’s bathroom. The simplicity of the design makes it versatile and seamlessly fits into any bathroom design. 

Install A Thermostatic Shower

Once your children reach a stage to bathe by themselves, they may initially struggle with learning how to adjust the shower temperatures accordingly. Done incorrectly, they could possibly scald themselves! To prevent this, it’s good to install a thermostatic shower, as these help maintain a constant temperature that’s safe for children to use.

For this, you can use a TOTO shower mixer that’s equipped with SMA technology. This technology helps in maintaining a steady water temperature, even in the face of fluctuating water supply temperatures and pressure levels caused by water use elsewhere in the home. This makes shower time safe and comfortable for your children, anytime.

thermostatic shower Heat Protect heat protect logo


thermostatic shower safe Safety Thermosafety thermo logo

A Safe Step-Up Stool

Have a step stool integrated into the child’s vanity to remove the large step stool that is awkwardly placed in the small bathroom. Given that bathroom vanities are frequently designed for adults, a built-in step stool can make the items on the counter effortlessly reachable for your children. 

With a built-in step stool, you can save space and store it properly to prevent it from becoming a hazardous obstacle. 

Open-Shelving For Easy Access

When items are visible to children, they can quickly identify them and put them away. Open shelves can be used to store bath toys, towels, and amenities. In addition to being a common design feature in many contemporary kid’s bathroom designs, open bathroom shelving is often utilised to display bathroom accessories in guest bathrooms.

Given how quickly children grow, most families remodelling their children’s bathrooms are reluctant to make too many modifications. In truth, most child-friendly bathroom design ideas are incredible since they can easily be included or modified in the overall bathroom layout.

Include Your Child In The Design Process

Most importantly, this room in your home should be an exciting space that perfectly reflects your child’s unique personality. Allow your children to participate in the creative process by integrating their favourite colours, animals, or designs. In addition to being a setting where you can be creative, it should be one that suits your family. 

Instead of installing a traditional landscape, use this opportunity to involve your child in the remodelling process by exhibiting their finger-paint creation. This personalises the bathroom experience for everyone who uses it.

Wainscotting For Durability

You are undoubtedly fully aware of the damage that kids can do to walls, particularly when they have a marker in their hands. Adding wainscoting will make cleaning easier because it can be finished with semi-gloss or glossy paint, which protects the bottom walls from moisture.

Consider A Full Tile Wall

Children will undoubtedly splash water all over the bathroom, so tiling the area from the shower to the washbasin and all around the toilet will preserve your walls. Tiles are also easy to maintain. The best part is that you can choose colours that highlight the playful aspect of this space.

Promote Healthy Hygiene With Your Children By Creating A Fun Bathroom

If a children’s bathroom is properly designed, it can offer a clean, practical space for the entire family. Additionally, a bathroom that is adaptable enough to grow with the child will be an excellent long-term investment.

At FullSun, Singapore’s TOTO supplier, you can get advice and your questions answered by professional consultants who will recommend the perfect washlet and toilet bowl in Singapore for your bathroom. Drop by our showroom to browse through all the different ranges of TOTO products, or contact us at 62950966 for more information.

The Pros and Cons of Having Washlet in Singapore

The Pros and Cons of Having Washlet in Singapore

Cleaning up after using the toilet is vital for hygiene and health purposes. Sometimes, using toilet paper alone is not sufficient, or there will be times when you have run out of toilet paper in your bathroom, which is where a washlet will come in handy.

If you’re considering getting a washlet in Singapore for your toilet, there are a few factors to consider before getting one installed. With this in mind, we will be sharing with you the pros and cons of having a washlet for your toilet.

What is a Washlet?

Washlet Singapore

A washlet is an electronic bidet invented by the Japanese that focuses on enhancing personal hygiene after using the toilet. The washlet is common and can be found everywhere in Japan. The electronic bidet was launched in 1980 by TOTO, which changed the way people clean themselves after using the toilet. By utilising a washlet, you are improving your hygiene, but it also reduces the number of toilet papers used.

The washlet in Singapore has a water spray feature that allows for both front and rear cleansing with different water pressure levels that will enable you to choose from for maximum comfort.

The Pros and Cons of Washlet in Singapore Homes  

The Pros and Cons of Washlet in Singapore Homes

If you are still having difficulties deciding whether to invest in a washlet or not, as it could be a significant investment for your budget, then here are some pros and cons to help you understand the TOTO bidet seat.

The Pros of Having a Washlet 

It saves cost in the long run  

You may be wondering how owning a washlet saves cost? A person uses an average of 81 rolls of toilet paper, which is equivalent to spending about $243 annually on just toilet paper. Yes, you are flushing down roughly that amount or more down your toilet. By installing a TOTO bidet seat, you can save about $182 annually after your first investment in installation.

Friendly to the environment   

As we know, the world is facing climate change and global warming; hence we must play our role to help save the planet. How does installing a washlet protect the environment? Well, producing toilet paper includes chopping down trees and going through multi-stages of washing and chemical processes that are harmful to the environment. By using a washlet each time we go to the toilet, we are reducing the usage of toilet papers which is saving the environment.

Increases hygiene level  

Different features are provided with the TOTO bidet seat from the toilet attachment’s cleansing part. These features will allow you to cleanse both the front and rear after using the toilet and give you a level of cleanliness that mere toilet paper alone cannot achieve. The different spray cleansing pattern includes:

Cleansing Washlet Features

  • Rear cleansing
  • Rear soft cleansing
  • Front cleansing
  • Wide front cleansing
  • Oscillating cleansing
  • Pulsating cleansing

The Cons of Having a Washlet 


The initial price of the washlet can be high for an average person. Besides, it could be a considerable investment and a luxury for some families, as owning a washlet is not a fundamental necessity for some households.

However, not only can you find a good range TOTO washlet prices in Singapore but you can have a peace of mind as the quality of TOTO washlet is reliable and durable.

Requires an electrical outlet 

Before installing a washlet, an eletrical outlet is required. However, not everyone has an electrical outlet installed in their bathroom that is located near the toilet. So unless it is a brand new property and already have an outlet set in the bathroom, you will need to install an electrical outlet in the bathroom just for a washlet.

It cannot Be Used During a Power Outage 

As mentioned, a washlet requires electricity to work; hence if your house has a power outage, your washlet will not work; which can be an inconvenience if you solely rely on a washlet in your household.

Has this article convinced you in getting a washlet for your toilet yet? To find out more about, visit us at https://www.fullsun.com.sg/ to know more or reach us at 62950966 and we will gladly answer any questions you have.

How To Replace Your Basin Tap in Singapore

How To Replace Your Basin Tap in Singapore

Are you looking to replace your basin or kitchen sink taps? If your answer is yes, then we are here to answer all of the questions you have. You may have various questions about basin taps in Singapore before installing a new one but rest assured as we will be show you all you need to know about basin taps, from choosing the right basin tap and the important factors you need to take into account for.

Things You Need To Know Before Replacing Your Basin Tap in Singapore 

Tall Tap

With so many types of basin taps available in Singapore, it is essential to have basic knowledge before the basin tap installation. Things to consider for your basin taps are:

  • Height
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetic

Figuring out the perfect basin tap for your bathroom can be a challenge when there are so many things to consider, hence we will be guiding you to pick the correct tap for your basin.


It is important to determine the height of the tap when selecting the right one. The standard height for a washbasin is around 800mm, this includes from floor to lip of the washbasin. When pairing the right tap, you want to make sure it has the right amount of height, so it isn’t too short or too tall that it could affect your comfort when using it.


Depending on the usage of your basin tap, there are suitable taps with different functions that will meet your needs perfectly. There are a variety of taps are available, such as:

  • Mixer tap
  • Thermostatic tap
  • Touchless tap


With the right design, you will never have to sacrifice aesthetic for functionality anymore. There are different materials available, where you can now pick an aesthetically pleasing basin tap that will fit into your well-designed bathroom. From modern to minimalistic to traditional, your basin tap will fit in with any design of your choice that you have carefully picked for your bathroom.

Types of Basin Taps Offered by TOTO 

Short Le Muse tap

TOTO offers a vast range of basin taps that will meet all the requirements you have for the design of your bathroom and its functionality.

For Homes And Private Use 

Small basin taps

Small Basin Tap  

Small basin water taps are ideal for tighter bathrooms with smaller basins. If the basin has a tap hole can use short/mid height taps. However, if the basin has no tap hole, you will need to use tall taps or wall mounted taps.

Single lever basin taps

Single Lever Basin Taps

Single lever basin taps are one of the most common taps in Singapore. As suggested in the name, this tap comes with just a single lever where you can adjust the temperature of the water if needed. Every collection by TOTO has at least one or two single lever basin taps; hence the choices are almost endless if you are in the market for one.

Floor Standing Basin Taps

Are you looking for a statement piece to pair with your basin? TOTO offers floor standing basin taps in their Le Muse and Ego II collections. Floor-standing basin taps are perfect for bathrooms with modern designs or if you are looking for something unique.

Extended Basin Taps

Extended basin taps are mostly installed on the countertop to give your basin a clean and less cluttered look. If you are looking for taps that will fit into your modern bathroom design, the extended basin taps will be perfect for you, and they come in various stylish designs.

Wall mounted tap

Wall Mounted Tap

Are you looking for a more minimalistic look for your bathroom? Wall-mounted taps will be ideal for you if you have a countertop basin. It gives you a minimalistic, but it will also make your bathroom feel luxurious, which is why wall mounted taps are found to be in luxury hotels, spas, and restaurants.

For Commercial Projects

Self Closing Tap

A self-closing tap will prevent water waste when someone forgets to turn off the tap, which occurs when you or your family members are in a rush. Self-closing taps are also mainly used in public bathrooms for that reason as well because, as suggested by its name, they automatically shut off.

Sensor Tap

Like the self-closing tap, the sensor tap reduces water waste and gives the bathroom a futuristic and stylish look. Moreover, this type of basin water tap is child friendly and accessible for individuals with mobility restrictions such as arthritis and other disabilities.

Basin Tap in Singapore: TOTO Cocktail Series Tap  

If you are thinking about replacing your basin tap, the TOTO Cocktail Series Tap comes designed with clean and sharp edges in chrome that will give your bathroom a modern and sleek look. There are different taps available for various functions in this one series alone, allowing you to match all the taps in your bathroom. These include:

  • Basin tap
  • Bath and shower tap
  • Stop valve
  • Shower tap
  • Hand shower set

Using taps from the same series makes your bathroom look less cluttered and more uniform.

All About TOTO Le Muse Series Tap

Wall mount Le Muse tap

Designed with a rounded edge but clean lines in chrome, the TOTO Le Muse Series Tap is ideal for those looking for taps that are modern but unique in design. If you are looking to have different shapes or want a less sharp angular design in your bathroom, the TOTO Le Muse Series taps come in a circular shape, giving it a more relaxed look. Like the Cocktail Series, the Le Muse Series offers a wide range of taps that will ease the burden of having to search for similar taps from different collections to match your entire bathroom.


Using TOTO’s basin water tap, water consumption will be reduced significantly due to the technology of the tap designed to offer a flow rate of as little as 1.7 litres per minute (with the TX115 – Alisei Series) compared to traditional taps that can use up to 10-15 litres of water per minute. With that being said, TOTO is the best choice for you because it offers top-notch quality in all aspects, from design to functionality.

At FullSun, which is Singapore’s best TOTO basin tap supplier, you can get advice and your questions answered by professional consultants that will recommend you the perfect TOTO tap for your bathroom. Drop by our showroom to browse through all the different ranges of TOTO products or contact us at 62950966 for more information.

How much does it cost to replace a LOUIS Shower Seat & Grab Bar?

louis shower seat & grab seat

Do you have any shower seat or grab bar that needs to be replaced? Or do you have anyone at home who needs a shower seat and grab bar? If so, you’ve come to the right place because we have a range of LOUIS shower seats and grab bar for you to choose from.

If you’re worried about the cost of replacing your shower seat or grab bar, know that it can be affected by a variety of factors, including the material. However, it will be worth it as our LOUIS grab bar is made of high quality material with a range of functions. It’s also used in 90% of the hospitals in Singapore, including Ng Teng Fong Hospital, CGH, Farrer Park, National Heart Centre, KTPH, YCH, etc.

In this article, we will share how you can pick the right LOUIS shower seat and grab bar for your bathroom.

How to Choose the Right LOUIS Shower Seat & Grab Bar for Your Bathroom

Before we explain how you can choose the right LOUIS shower seat and grab bar for your bathroom, you should know that they are an economical and convenient solution for people who require a safe and comfortable place to rest as well as assistance getting in and out of the shower.

Put simply, they are designed to suit the needs of both the elderly and people with special needs. Hence, the cost of a LOUIS shower seat and grab bar varies depending on the design, size, and material. Here’s how you can choose the right LOUIS shower seat and grab bar for your bathroom:

Consider the design and space available in your bathroom

Shower seats and grab bars come in a variety of designs for different purposes. Having said that, the shower seats at Fullsun generally come in two common designs, with and without legs.

Shower seats with legs provide more stability as they typically come with backrests and are wider in size, which makes them comfortable to sit on. Shower seats without legs, on the other hand, have narrower seating and can come with or without a backrest. Hence, your choice of shower seat should fit nicely into your bathroom.

As for the grab bar, it’s worth considering 2-in-1 options if you have limited wall space. Using a towel rack for support may not be the best option as it may lead to unwanted mishaps when your family members yank their towel from the rack.

With a range of LOUIS grab bars available at Fullsun, you can select one that is best suited to your bathroom. That way, you can prevent mishaps from happening while ensuring the safety of your family members.

Consider the height and orientation of the shower seat and grab bar

Shower seats with height-adjustable legs are only available for wall-hung shower seats. Hence, the adjustable height range varies from chair to chair, so make sure you check the specifications and select one that meets your bathroom’s needs.

Since the dimension of our LOUIS grab bars is based on bca accessibility code, it will definitely be suitable for use by persons with special needs and families with elderly persons. Plus, the grab bars can be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Also, different grab bars of different length and height can be used for different purposes. For instance, an L-shaped grab bar can be used in the shower area to provide support. Other types of grab bar can be used in the toilet bowl area etc.

Consider the materials of the shower seat and grab bar

Since you will be installing the shower seat and grab bar in the bathroom, you will want the two bathroom fixtures to be made of materials that can withstand regular exposure to water.

As such, you should consider shower seats and grab bars that are made of rust-resistant materials such as high-density polyethene, aluminium, or stainless steel. You can even select a shower seat that’s made of nylon as they are fade-resistant, lockable, hygienic, anti-bacterial, and anti-slip.

Additionally, consider getting a shower seat with drain holes in the seat. This will prevent water build-up along with mould and mildew.

How to Install LOUIS Shower Seat & Grab Bar

Once you’ve selected your shower seat and grab bar, you can choose to have them installed professionally. If it’s the latter, this installation guide is for you.

Shower Seat Installation Guide

Installing the shower seat in your bathroom isn’t a difficult task but it will require your experience in framing, drilling, and installing ceramic tile. This is because you want the shower seat to be able to support the weight of anyone using it.

If you require professional help in installing your shower seat, you can consult our salesperson to provide you with some assistance.

Grab Bar Installation Guide

Grab bars should be installed in the most convenient area of your bathroom and must be connected to wall studs. It will be helpful to have your family members stand inside the bathroom so that you can gauge where to install a LOUIS grab bar.

In a nutshell, the cost of replacing your shower seat and grab bar generally depends on your selection. If you’re unsure of which shower seat and grab bar to choose for your bathroom, you can drop by our showroom and browse through a range of our LOUIS shower seats and grab bars.

How to use a TOTO washlet

Being in an Asian household means you’ve been taught to clean up after yourself, especially after using the toilet. Traditionally, we use toilet paper or water to clean up after doing our business in the washroom.

toto washlet singapore - fullsun
TOTO Washlet

But as technology begins to change the way we live, the Japanese came up with an innovation, known as the washlet or electronic shower toilet seat, which focuses on enhancing personal cleansing after using the toilet.


If you’ve been to Japan, chances are you’ve come across this innovation numerous times throughout your trip and may have been baffled about the usage. It’s understandable as the use of washlets in Singapore’s toilets is still fairly new and most people are unaware of such a convenient innovation which makes personal cleaning effortless.


So, what is this newly acclaimed innovation and how does one use it? What are the features of a washlet or electronic shower toilet seat? Before we look at the features, here’s what you need to know about a washlet.

What is a washlet?

It’s an electronic shower toilet seat launched by TOTO in 1980, which revolutionises the way people clean themselves after using the toilet. This innovation has since lessen some of the world’s reliance on toilet paper, which is less sanitary. You can also expect to have a comfortable bathroom experience due to the washlet’s variety of feature.


For a washlet to function properly in the toilet, it requires a proper installation by an electrician as it runs on electricity. As a cleaner and hygienic alternative to toilet papers, the washlet works to do front and rear cleansing after you do your business in the toilet. Besides, you get to save more in the long run with a lesser need to buy toilet paper.

What are the features of a washlet?

The washlet may seem revolutionary, but know that it’s meant to give you maximum comfort when you’re doing your business. Depending on the washlet’s model, it can have varying features which offer different levels of cleansing, comfort, and hygiene. Here’s a breakdown of those features.



Most TOTO washlets are equipped with multiple cleansing solution – rear, soft rear, front, wide front, oscillating, pulsating, wand position adjustment, and water pressure adjustment – to give you a satisfying feeling of cleanliness without wasting water.


The one feature that sets TOTO washlets apart from other toilet seats is the Air-In Wonder Wave technology. It uses air-rich water droplets to produce a comfortable washing sensation to give you a thorough cleansing.


Besides, you needn’t worry about running out of warm water while cleaning yourself as the water is warmed instantly

TOTO’s Air-In Wonder Wave technology - Fullsun
TOTO’s Air-In Wonder Wave technology


Unlike regular toilet seats, TOTO’s washlets have numerous features to ensure you have a pleasant experience while doing your business. Here are the features:


  • Auto open/close lid which activates when you approach or leave the toilet. This eliminates the need to touch the toilet’s surface.

  • Soft light that switches on when you approach the toilet at night.

  • Remote control to easily adjust the settings as you see fit.

  • Warm Air Dryer to give you a dry and clean sensation after cleaning with water.

  • Heated seat with temperature control allows you to do your business comfortably.

  • Deodoriser to disguise the scent after you use the toilet.


The deodoriser comes in handy when you need to disguise the scent after doing your business in the toilet. That way, you needn’t worry about leaving the toilet with unpleasant odour for the next person to use. This feature automatically occurs inside the toilet bowl during and immediately after usage.

washlet deodoriser technology - fullsun
An illustration of the deodoriser in action


As a more hygienic alternative to toilet papers, TOTO’s washlets are built with self-cleaning technologies such as Premist and EWATER+.


Before every use, TOTO’s Premist technology automatically sprays water over the inner toilet bowl to prevent waste from clinging. This washes the waste away more easily due to the toilet bowl’s hydrophilic nature.

Water is sprayed over the toilet bowl’s surface
Water is sprayed over the toilet bowl’s surface

After you use the toilet, EWATER+ effectively removes and prevents waste and bacteria from accumulating on the wand and toilet bowl for a germ-free toilet. It is automatically sprayed eight hours after you last use the toilet to impede bacterial growth.


Besides, EWATER+ is produced by electrolysis of chloride ion in tap water, which is free of chemicals and cleaning agents. That way, you needn’t worry about the water returning to its original state in the environment.


Aside from pairing your existing toilet with TOTO’s washlet, there’s a new series of TOTO toilet-and-seat set known as washlet+. It’s a combination which uses TOTO’s proprietary system to conceal the washlet’s water supply hose and electrical cord for a seamless appearance. Best part of this new series is the automated flush – that’s for when someone forgets to flush.

TOTO’s Washlet+ Fullsun
TOTO’s Washlet+

At Fullsun, we provide a variety of TOTO washlets to revolutionise bathrooms across Singapore. If you’re looking to up your bathroom game, installing one will allow you to save energy whilst reducing the usage of toilet papers.

Guide to Choosing the Best Showerhead

Guide to Best Showerhead

Being in Singapore means we have to endure the temperamental weather which affects us 24/7 throughout the year. With some months being extremely hot, it’s not a surprise that we’ll be showering more frequent than we usually do. Additionally, a shower is all we need to relax and refresh our minds. Studies have also found that some people get their best ideas while showering. If you’re looking to improve your well-being, you’ll need a proper showerhead to do the magic.

Often overlooked by other accessories like the vanity and mirror, the showerhead plays a crucial part in any bathroom. With a variety of showerheads available in the market, it is hard to choose. But before you go to the store and decide on one, you’ll need to understand that every showerhead is built differently and has varying functions. Moreover, depending on your needs and preferences, your budget may also be affected. Moving forward, we’re sharing a guide for you to choose to buy shower head in Singapore.


Understand the types of showerhead

  • Wall-mounted – The showerhead is attached to the shower arm, which is fixed to the wall. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, wall-mounted showerheads allow you to have a hands-free shower without needing to adjust the height.


TOTO shower head - Fullsun

TOTO Fixed Shower Head with Air Drop TX488STN


With a sleek and thin design, this showerhead boasts a 2-tick WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standard) rating. So you can rest assured that this wall-mounted showerhead is a water-efficient product. Just be sure to look out for the rating when choosing your shower head set in Singapore.


  • Handheld – Compared to fixed showerheads, handheld showerhead is much more flexible as it’s connected to a long hose and sits on the cradle or showerhead holder when not in use. On days when you want to use it as a fixed showerhead, simply place it on the cradle and voila! It’s also ideal for multiple uses like cleaning the walls and bathing your pets.

TOTO Shower Mixer - Fullsun

TOTO Shower Mixer TX449SNV1BR


Featuring TOTO’s SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) technology, you won’t have to adjust the temperature manually for this shower mixer, allowing you to reduce your water consumption by 5 to 7 litres per minute.


  • Ceiling-mounted (Rain) – Though similar to the wall-mounted showerhead, this type of showerhead is fixed onto your bathroom ceiling to give you a rain-like effect. With an even distribution of water, you’ll be sure to enjoy your daily shower. Rain shower head in Singapore are ideal for bathrooms with low ceilings.


TOTO Fixed rainshower head - Fullsun

TOTO Fixed Shower Head TX491SMZ


With a 2-tick WELS rating, this ceiling-mounted showerhead will allow you to reduce your water consumption by 5 to 7 litres per minute.


  • Multi-head – If you can’t decide between a handheld and fixed showerhead, why not combine the two or get a shower column? With a variety of choices available at Fullsun, you’ll be able to create a spa-like shower experience at home.


TOTO Shower column - Fullsun

TOTO Shower Column TMC95ECR


Featuring five of TOTO’s technologies – Aerial Shower, Aerial Pulse, Gyrostream, Water Saving and SMA, this shower column is ideal for those looking to have a full coverage shower while using less water.


Examine your water pressure

Aside from understanding the types of showerheads available in the market, it’s also crucial for you to get one that’s suitable with your house’s water pressure. If you have low water pressure, it’ll certainly affect the flow rate of your hot water, unless you improve the plumbing system of your house. Just be sure to check on your water pressure and the showerhead’s specifications before making your purchase.


Check the spray pattern

With so many types of showerheads available, it’s not a surprise that they come with varying spray patterns. Most handheld showerheads include the different settings that you can easily adjust on the head, depending on your preference and showering need. The four basic settings of a showerhead include wide, targeted, rinse and pulsating.


For the pulsating pattern, just take a look at TOTO Shower Column TMC95ECR. It has three different showerheads – overhead, body, hand – combined to make a shower column which can be used for various functions. Equipped with TOTO’s technology like Gyrostream, the water is sprayed by rotating nozzles in a precise and pulsating stream, resulting in powerful water vortices that’ll give you a spa-like shower experience.


TOTO Shower Blast - Fullsun

An image illustrating TOTO’s Gyrostream technology


Consider energy consumption

While most Singaporeans prefer the shower to bathtubs, energy consumption for a shower set is inevitable as you’ll need energy to produce the desired water flow for the best showering experience. You may want to choose your showerhead based on the WELS rating to ensure that you’ll have a water-efficient product whilst saving on energy. Additionally, you can choose to purchase the shower items individually, allowing you to pair different item designs based on your preferences in order to maximise your shower experience.


With these guides in mind, you’ll have one of the best showerheads in your home. However, if you need more advice on shower installation, you can visit our showroom or website at https://www.fullsun.com.sg/.

Six Must-have Accessories for Your Bathroom

When it comes to decorating a house, most Singaporeans mostly focus on furniture arrangements in larger rooms such as the living room, dining room and kitchen. This leaves the smaller room like the bathroom with little detail. But when you think of it, it’s also one of the most visited rooms in the house. You use it to prepare for the day, attend to nature’s call, and relax after a day’s work. So, paying more attention to the little detail will spruce up the look. Now that you came to realize the value of your bathroom, you might be thinking of ideas. This article is all about it! You’ll never go wrong by getting these six must-haves accessories for your bathroom.


Mirrors are one of the most essential accessories in a bathroom. The moment you step into any bathroom, you’ll automatically check for your reflection in the mirror. Mirrors are very useful in your bathroom as you depend on it while you perk up. Brush your teeth, put on make-up and more, the mirror is one reliable thing that can help you.

While it’s common to have a vanity mirror in most Singaporean bedrooms, the Louis Round Vanity Mirror with Genuine Leather Strap is ideal for your bathroom as it’s equipped with LED light and touch sensor With this type of mirror, glamming up will be easy as the light can help you with makeup details on your face. Don’t worry about electric consumption as you’ll be only using less energy with it.

Bathroom LED Mirror Singapore
Louis Round Vanity Mirror with Genuine Leather Strap @ Bukit Batok Condominium

 Soap dispensers 

When you visit the bathroom in malls or hotels in Singapore, you’ll notice that they always have soap dispensers which differ in shapes and sizes, as well as colours. If you’re tired of cleaning the soap residue after each use, consider getting a soap dispenser. It’ll help in keeping your bathroom clean and tidy.

Besides, you get to show off your taste in interior design. If you like to keep things to a minimal, a wall-mounted sensor soap dispenser from LOUIS will do the trick. Available in two colours – white and gold, the soap dispenser’s versatile lock mechanism will also help control the misuse of soap and reduce the need to refill it often.

Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Singapore - Fullsun
Louis Wall-Mounted Sensor Soap Dispenser

Towel  holders

It’s common to hang your towel in the bathroom so that you can grab it easily after a cooling shower or a warm bath. Available in various designs and materials, the towel holder is the simplest yet often overlooked for its minimalist design. Other than that, towel racks give you more space to store clean and dry towels as seen in hotels.

Towel Bar Singapore - Fullsun

Towel Racks Singapore - Fullsun
Louis YAN Series (Brushed Gun Metal) – Towel Bar and Double Towel Racks

In most homes, towel holders are often placed near the shower stall, bathtub or next to the wash basin for hand towels. If you always leave your towel in the bathroom to dry, it’s best to get a sturdy towel holder. Fullsun offers a wide range of towel holder made from chrome, brush gunmetal, stainless steel and walnut wood.

Towel Bars Singapore - Fullsun

Stainless Steel Towel Bar - Fullsun
Louis MU Series Towel Bar with Shelf and Louis YAN Series (Chrome) Towel Bar

Towel baskets

Keeping your bathroom tidy can be a challenge when you’re part of Singapore’s white-collar workforce. But if you’re determined to keep it tidy, why not get a laundry basket which can double as a towel basket? That way you won’t have to worry about getting your used towel wet or dirty before doing your laundry routine.

Laundry Basket - Fullsun
Minimalist Laundry Basket with Stand

Corner shelf

Having proper storage for your toiletries is a must to keep your bathroom looking clean and tidy. If you have a small bathroom, corner shelves are your ideal choice. You can install it near the shower to store your toiletries for better convenience, or near the toilet for easier access. Besides, it’ll require just the corner of your bathroom.

If you’re looking to get some corner shelf from Fullsun, you needn’t worry about its exposure to heat and moisture as they are made of high-quality material. Made from stainless steel 304, the Louis Corner Shelf is available in chrome and matte black. Its removable inner basket makes it easier for you to clean. 

Corner Bathroom Shelf Singapore - Fullsun
Louis Corner Shelf

Robe hook

Hooks are usually small, almost invisible to the eye. But it’s a must-have in every bathroom so that you can hang your towel or bathrobe. You can choose to mount it on the bathroom door or fix it on the wall that is within your reach after a shower or bath.

It’s also a practical accessory to have robe hooks in the bathroom so that you can hang other stuff like your pajamas away from the bathroom floor. At Fullsun, we provide a variety of robe hooks from brands like TOTO and Louis to suit your design preference. Rest assured that they’ll last for a long time as the hooks are made of quality metals.

Mu Series 3


With these accessories, your bathroom will definitely look more fabulous and more neat. You can also find more bathroom accessories on our site at https://www.fullsun.com.sg/.

Things You Should Start Practicing In The Bathroom To Maintain Proper Hygiene

Get to know these common hygiene mistakes and practice avoiding them in the future to ensure cleanliness and prevent getting sick along the way too.

The bathroom is one of the most used areas of the house but also undoubtedly can be the most germ-infested too. This is especially true if you fail to deep clean the area at least every week or so. That can’t be good, especially if you tend to overlook little things that bacteria love to thrive on. Get to know these common hygiene mistakes and practice avoiding them in the future to ensure cleanliness and prevent getting sick along the way too.

Know How To Brush And Floss Properly
As shocking as it may seem, not many people actually do both of these correctly. Your teeth require longer time to clean just like your hands. Remember that dentist recommends brushing twice a day for 2 minutes at a time. Aside from that, you should also floss thoroughly once a day to get rid of decay causing bacteria that the toothbrush bristles can’t reach.

Stop Using Cotton Swabs
Your ears produce earwax for multiple reasons: to keep dust and dirt away from your eardrum, to provide antibacterial protection, and more. As you chew or talk, your jaw helps move the wax away from your inner ear and outward, hence, wax in your ear canal. Using cotton swabs reverses that process, though, pushing wax further into the ear where it can get stuck. Instead of using cotton swabs (and risking hearing loss, pain, and infection), trust your ears, and let them clean themselves naturally. If you must, just clean the outer part of your ear but never your ear canal.

Avoid Using Toxic Cleaning Agents
You may not realize that you’re throwing harmful chemicals in the soil, bodies of water, or plants while cleaning your bathroom. Aside from that, you’re also exposing yourself to chemicals that could lead to asthma, allergies, birth defects and even cancer. Vinegar, baking soda, and borax are great alternative for conventional cleaning products.

Always Wear Bathroom Slippers
Even if it’s in your own bathroom, you shouldn’t be stepping in barefoot because you’re putting yourself at risk of nail fungal infection, athlete’s foot, plantar warts and staph infection. This is even more so if you’re using a shared bathroom. So it’s always a must that you protect your feet and wear bathroom slippers.

Wash Your Hands Thoroughly
Washing your hands should take you at least 20 seconds. If you usually do it shorter than that then you’re not doing it right and not sanitising your hands well. Start by wetting them under warm or cold water before applying soap. Then, lather for at least 20 seconds, scrubbing the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly too.

Switch Out Your Loofah Regularly
This is the same thing with the towels. Loofahs are also one of the favourite breeding spots of germs since they’re moist all the time and kept in dark place. To keep those from transferring on your body, make sure you disinfect it weekly and switch it out every three weeks if it’s a natural loofah. But if it’s a plastic one, it can be replaced every two months.

Get Into The Habit Of Washing Your Towels Every Week
Trying to get the most use out of your towels and linens to limit laundry and save water and electricity is okay. However, you should also know that the most uses that you can only hygienically get from them is up to 5 uses max. Continue using them beyond that and you’re basically patting or rubbing multitude of bacteria onto your body since they like to breed in moist and dark place.

Store Your Toothbrushes As Far Away From The Toilet As Possible
Do you know about the “aerosol effect” of germs when a toilet is flushed? This is when bacteria get projected into the air and surrounding surfaces whenever you flush the toilet. This is why it’s important to practice shutting the lid when flushing to prevent spreading germs all over the place. Having said that, if your toothbrush is too close to the toilet, you risk contaminating it in case you forgot to close the toilet lid before flushing.

Moreover, this is also why if you share only one bathroom as a family, it is encouraged to clean the toilet seat daily with a product specifically designed to reduce the spread of bacteria. But more than that, it would be even better if you replace your toilet with TOTO Tornado Flush toilet with completely new flushing system cleans and flushes both the rim and bowl in an innovative way where it project three powerful jets of water from inside the bowl so you won’t have to flush twice and clean manually. Not to mention that CeFiONtect is a glaze applied to all TOTO ceramic products, including our toilets, leaving them with a long-lasting finish that prevents the build-up of mold, limescale and waste matter.

Visit us at https://www.fullsun.com.sg/ to get some ideas or reach us at 62950966 and we’ll surely help you achieve the shower room you’ve always wanted!

Why TOTO Washlets Is The Best Electronic Shower Toilet Seat That You Can Buy

TOTO, the most renowned manufacturer of toilet accessories in the world, is the founder of washlets. A TOTO Washlet is essentially an integrated toilet

When it comes to using the toilet, people are more familiar with toilet paper or bidet. However, more and more individuals nowadays are looking for a better alternative for reasons such as better cleansing, comfort, increase in hygiene as well as energy saving. This is why washlet in Singapore have become increasingly popular over the years because it meets those requirements and here’s how it does!

Washlet Comparison Table


Currently, TOTO has different kinds of washlets that comes with features offering different levels of cleansing, comfort, hygiene, and Eco-friendliness. To have a better understanding of  them, let us break them down for you.


TOTO washlets provides different options in the cleansing part of a toilet attachment to makes sure they’ve got you covered. For this part, the technology that sets washlets apart from other toilet attachments would be the Air in Wonder Wave. This is a technology that uses air rich water droplets to produce a more comfortable washing sensation and deliver more thorough cleansing with less water consumption. Even more, water is warmed instantly as needed, so you need never worry about running out of warm water. So you get that satisfied feeling of cleanliness without wasting a lot of water. But aside from that, washlets also excel when it comes to cleansing because of the following:

Spray Cleansing Patterns

Spray Cleansing Pattern

Washlets comes with these features which are all intended for your comfort that hand held sprays or toilet paper definitely cannot give.

  • Remote control settings to easily adjust the functions as you see fit.
  • Auto open and close that activates as you approach or leave.
  • Auto powerful deodorizer activates after every usage
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • New auto soft light function usable for night time usage
  • Adjustable warm air dryer for dry and clean overall feeling.
  • Soft close seat and lid to protect from the damage of toilet seat and lid slamming.


Washlets come with EWATER+ technology which is an antibacterial liquid that prevents waste particles from accumulating and staining the toilet bowl. Because of the EWATER+ technology that comes with the TOTO washlet, the water that gets sprayed on the bowl and nozzle, 99.9% of the bacteria on the toilet bowl is eliminated every time you use the toilet. Aside from those, it’s also equipped with features like:

  • Removable lid to easily remove and attach back when cleaning.
  • One-touch removable of main unit to help you easily slot in and out from the toilet unit via the baseplate.
  • Nozzle cleaning button
  • Antibacterial seat, lid and nozzle
  • Self-cleaning nozzle, the washlet comes with a technology that automatically cleans the wand jet before and after use.


One of the four key features of washlets that contribute greatly when it comes to being Eco-friendly would be the Premist. This feature sprays water to the toilet bowl before you use it. This lessens the dirt that’s more likely to stick with every use of the toilet bowl. In relation to washlets being Eco-friendly, it doesn’t just eliminate the need for toilet paper altogether and cuts back on the use of detergents, it also conserves energy. That’s because it is equipped with energy saver timer which records your habits and automatically select the best time for standby mode which ultimately saves energy.

TOTO, the most renowned manufacturer of toilet accessories in the world, is the founder of washlets. A TOTO Washlet is essentially an integrated toilet and comes with a number of advanced features. If you’re interested in any of these, Fullsun is now having Great Singapore Sales! What are you waiting for? Visit us at https://www.fullsun.com.sg/ to know more or reach us at 62950966 or 96362966 and we’ll gladly help you with anything you need!

Decorative Pieces You Would Want And Need In Your Bathroom

Following the trend isn’t always cool especially with your bathrooms sanitary wares and fittings. The wise decision would be to go for elegant and classic

After some time, especially if the whole family shares the same bathroom, it will start showing signs of being run down. However, a full bathroom renovation is not always possible either. If this is the case for you, don’t worry because there are still ways to breathe life back into your bathroom with these decorative pieces that don’t just serve as an eye-candy but as a functional item too.

Nothing feels livelier than greenery. You don’t have to turn your entire bathroom into a mini forest but even a couple of potted plants can brighten up the space. Aside from that, you also get to enjoy a bit of fresher air since plants are natural air purifiers. Just make sure you pick a plant that best suits high humidity, warm temperature and low lighting areas so that they don’t die out so easily. Aloe Vera, Chinese evergreen, Orchids and Spider plants are great examples and look great as display too.

Add some artwork to the walls to really give your bathroom a touch of your personality. Artwork is something you really can’t mess up, so find pieces that resonate with you and your design personality, and hang them on the wall or even place them on top of a floating shelf.

Scented Candles
If there’s anything else that turns people off from a bathroom aside from its state of cleanliness is the smell. Your guests may try to be polite about it but it definitely bothers them if it stinks. Whether you’re having people over or not, you want your bathroom to exude calm and fancy ambiance while smelling good. Having scented candles definitely does all that, so it’s an accessory that definitely serves your bathroom a purpose whether you light it or not.

Counter top Organization
Organization is supremely important to your bathroom’s functionality as well as its appearance. Trays keep items you use most often collected in one place, making your vanity look pulled together and polished. Since trays are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you can find just the right piece to contain your clutter.

Stash odds and ends like bobby pins and nail clippers in a smaller, decorative box. If you’re short on counter space, install a floating shelf between the vanity and mirror where essentials like a bathroom accessories set can live.

Do not underestimated how the lighting in your bathroom can make a difference in your shower experience as well as the general look of your bathroom. Find ways to make your shower feel brighter, and you make it more appealing for daily use. If you’re still using standard fluorescent, how about you change it up with a statement lighting piece? Your lighting fixtures can really date your overall bathroom design.

Cute Containers
The lack of storage would result to toiletries cluttered on the countertop, medicine contamination because of moisture, electrical items like hair dryers and straighteners could get grounded and towels never fully dry. So be sure you have enough storage there so that everything has its place. Vanity drawers, over bench mirrored shaving cabinets, and some wall recessed in the shower should be installed.

Sure, you can pick up a run-of-the-mill bath mat just about anywhere. While these will provide a soft spot for your feet to land, they aren’t always the most stylish. Instead of the standard rug, think outside the box.

Opt for a sisal or bamboo rug to add warmth and texture to your bathroom. They’re also highly durable and capable of withstanding water and humidity, so they’re quite practical, too.

Upgraded Sanitary Wares And Fixtures
Following the trend isn’t always cool especially with your bathrooms sanitary wares and fittings. The wise decision would be to go for elegant and classic so that even after a lot of years your bathroom still looks good. Moreover, when it comes to sanitary wares and fittings you don’t have to necessarily purchasing top of the line brands. You just have to carefully choose because they are the most used things in your bathroom. So they should be durable and pretty enough to last for years.

Fullsun’s TOTO products have several series of toilets, lavatories, bathtubs, taps, and showers that you can choose from. You can rest assured that all the products are not only high quality but also stylish. You don’t have to replace all of your sanitary wares and fittings at once. You can do it one at a time as long as you make sure that everything matches to achieve a cohesive look.

Choose Floor And Wall Finishing Carefully
Do not underestimate how your choice of material to surface walls and floors can complete or mess up the overall look of your bathroom. Ceramic tile, marble, and granite make handsome and highly durable flooring and wall surfaces for baths. They may include a design element of texture and may be used to create parameters for different bathroom areas.

If you really have the money to renovate your bathroom into a spa or hotel inspired one then by all means, go ahead. But if you don’t, then save on areas like using a floor-to-ceiling style window instead of a shower screen. Try second hand stores for wares and other bathroom needs; you’d be surprised to find cool pieces that can make you bathroom look stylish with breaking the bank.

Feeling inspired to turn your bathroom into your dream one? Visit our website at https://www.fullsun.com.sg/ or reach us at 62950966 and we’d gladly help you achieve the bathroom you’ve always wanted!