Choosing The Best Taps For Your Bathroom

Choosing The Best Taps For Your Bathroom - basin mixer tap

Faucet may not seem something that needs a lot of consideration. However, buying a faucet solely based on whether you like how it looks may affect a lot of more important things like water conservation, ease of use and maintenance.

This where you realize that choosing any sanitary ware and fittings for your bathroom, even something as small as faucet, requires a lot of thought. A faucet is the most frequently used fixture of a sink. The constant use can make a faucet malfunction, causing the continuous dripping of water. This is one of the main reasons why a faucet has to be durable first and yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Having said those, if you have to choose then it would be much better to opt for taps prioritizes water conservation above all else like Fullsun’s TOTO EcoCap offer flow rate of as little as 3.6 liters per minute which significantly reduces water consumption since traditional taps can use up to 10-15 litres of water per minute.

Moreover, sensor taps are also more energy-efficient. With TOTO Self Power technology, accurate hand detection means only the minimum necessary amount of water is used, while located inside the unit is the second technology, a generator that harnesses the energy from water flowing through the tap to make the micro-sensor energy-self-sufficient.

What’s even great about them is that they’re very hygienic which is perfect for those who share bathrooms with other people or if you suffer from germaphobia. This is because there will be no need to touch the tap with your hands at any point while you wash your hands. You simply position your hand right under the tap to let the water flow, when you’re done remove your hands and the water will stop flowing.