Concealed Cistern Tanks in Singapore: What You Need to Know

While toilet bowls are not the most sophisticated bathroom components, they may be one of the more essential elements. As such, concealing or installing a subtle model is crucial, especially if you’re going for a minimalistic theme for your bathroom. 

Concealed cistern tanks are a great option if you’re trying to design a modern, compact bathroom. These Geberit concealed cistern tanks in Singapore are becoming a growing trend among homeowners and architects due to their water efficiency and visual appeal. 

So, if you’re looking to install a concealed cistern tank in your bathroom, here are some things that you need to know. 

What Is A Concealed Cistern Tank?

A standard toilet has a cistern that is placed behind the toilet bowl. It might be where you put your extra toilet paper or a jar of fragrances to keep things smelling good.

On the other hand, a concealed cistern is a cistern that is concealed behind the bathroom wall. The concealed cistern tank has become incredibly popular since the minimalistic look is supreme in the realm of modern bathroom design.

What’s The Difference Between Concealed And Exposed Cisterns? 

The visibility and aesthetic effect of exposed and concealed cisterns distinguish them most from one another. The exposed cistern, which provides a more conventional look but may distract from the bathroom’s overall aesthetics due to its more prominent presence, is visible on the back of the toilet bowl. 

On the other hand, a concealed cistern can be hidden behind a wall, giving it a sleek and contemporary appearance by keeping the bulk of the cistern out of sight.

The decision between the two is based on design choices, available space, and the desired level of integration within the overall bathroom decor.

Types of Concealed Cistern Tanks

front flushing concealed cistern tanks

There are several flush systems available for concealed cistern tanks that control how water is released and the flushing process. Let’s take a closer look at the various flush systems commonly seen in concealed cistern tanks:

top flushing tanksfront flushing tanks

Top Flushing                                   Front Flushing

Top-flush cistern tanks – Geberit Kappa series 

The top-flush cistern tank is a space-saving and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the conventional toilet tank design. The flush mechanism is elegantly incorporated into the top surface of the tank in this revolutionary design.

Users operate the flush by pressing down on a plate or button on the tank’s upper surface in place of the conventional side-mounted flush handles or buttons. The top-flush cistern has a sleek and uncomplicated appearance since there are no protruding handles or buttons.

Front-flush cistern tanks – Geberit Sigma series 

front flushing concealed cistern tanks

A contemporary and space-saving development in toilet design is the front-flush cistern tank, which has a flush mechanism conveniently placed on the front surface of the tank. This alternative to the conventional side-mounted flush controls gives a modern design in addition to improved functionality.

In addition, a variety of styles and materials are available for front flushing plates to ensure they complement any bathroom’s decor.

To operate a front-flush cistern tank, users simply need to push a button or lever on the front of the tank to activate the flush. This improves the aesthetics and makes it achievable to use bathroom space more effectively. Additionally, the flush controls are user-friendly for all ages and visible, adding to the convenience of using the bathroom.

Different Types of Actuator Plates for Concealed Cistern Tanks

Systems with concealed cistern tanks require the use of actuator plates (flushing plates). In addition to providing a way to trigger the flushing mechanism and adding extra functionality and convenience, they operate as the user’s interface with the cistern. 

Besides that, FullSun has a wide range of actuator plates that are made of different materials & colours to fit different aesthetics. In addition, an anti-fingerprint feature that allows for ease of maintenance and cleaning. So, here are some of the different types of actuator plates available at FullSun.

Actuator Plates for Concealed Cistern Tanks

Actuator Plates for Concealed Cistern Tank

Actuator Plates types for Concealed Cistern Tanks

Pneumatic flushing plate

Air pressure is used in pneumatic flush systems to start the flushing process. A pneumatic system that releases compressed air is activated when the flush button or plate is triggered. When compressed air is released, the water is forced out of the cistern tank and into the toilet bowl, producing the flushing effect. Pneumatic flush systems offer an efficient and quiet flushing experience.

Besides that, with a pneumatic flushing plate, you can install the plate at any location in the bathroom that is within a specific range. As such, you can ensure that the flushing plate will not interfere with your bathroom aesthetic. 

flushing plate

Editor’s Pick for Actuator Plate

Sigma 70

sigma 70 actuator plate

Looking for an actuator with a subtle and sleek aesthetic? The Sigma 70 is the perfect model for those who are looking to create a futuristic, modern and minimalistic design in their bathroom. 

Sigma 01

sigma 01 actuator plate

If your household consists of children and older people, the Sigma 01 is an ideal option. Not only does it still give your bathroom the modern aesthetic that you’re looking for, but it is also accessible to users of all ages. 

Advantages of Concealed Cistern Tanks and Actuator Plates

The advantages of concealed cistern tanks and actuator plates can improve a bathroom’s usability, aesthetics, and convenience. Here are a few key advantages that might convince you to incorporate a concealed cistern tank into your bathroom design. 

Water-saving benefits

Most concealed cistern tanks include dual flush systems with separate buttons or plates for full and partial flush options. With the dual flush capability, users can choose the suitable flush volume according to their needs, which helps conserve water and lowers water expenses.

Space-saving benefits

Situated behind or within the wall, concealed cistern tanks save crucial bathroom space. As opposed to conventional exposed cisterns, they offer a sleek and modern design, making the space feel larger and more inviting.

Aesthetics and design options

Concealed cistern tanks help create a streamlined, sophisticated bathroom decor. The bathroom seems more organised and minimal, given that the cistern is hidden from view. With a concealed cistern tank, the emphasis will be on the fixtures, tiles, and other features that enhance the overall aesthetics of the area.

Recommended Brand for Concealed Cistern Tank in Singapore: Geberit

Geberit products are made sustainably using premium, long-lasting materials, striking the ideal balance between beautiful craftsmanship and exceptional functionality. They provide more comfort and are easy to use and maintain. The phrase “Design Meets Function” refers to the ideal combination of tasteful design and remarkable efficiency.

At FullSun, Singapore’s official Geberit supplier, you can get advice and your questions answered by professional consultants who will recommend and help install the Geberit concealed cistern tank for your bathroom. Drop by our showroom to browse through all the different ranges of Geberit products, or contact us at 62950966 for more information.