Designer Toilet Basin in Singapore

2019.07.08-009-min Fullsun Fixtures in Singapore

As one of the often overlooked spaces in a home, bathrooms are heavily used by all members of your household to refresh themselves or even as an intimate space for some (home spa). Thus, it’s worth your time and effort to ensure that this space is made comfortable, convenient and functional.

Now, given the variety of toilet basins available in Singapore, it’s easy to be in a dilemma over which one to choose for your bathroom(s). After all, they come in various shapes and sizes and are priced differently based on these aspects.

To help you decide on the right designer toilet basin for your bathroom(s), we’ve got some information to help you choose the right shape, size, and style of the basin as well as some things to consider before you purchase any toilet basin in Singapore.

Importance of Choosing the Right Toilet Basin for Your Bathroom

While some of us may think of the toilet basin as a catchment area to wash our hands, our faces, etc., finding the right shape, size, and style of toilet basin can make a great difference to your bathroom(s).

Although we often tell each other to never judge a book by its cover, this quote doesn’t apply to home aesthetics because it’s your personal space and you have every right to decorate it as you see fit, including your bathroom(s). 

Just imagine the last time you went on vacation and stayed in a hotel room that’s visually pleasing and comfortable. You were initially drawn to the design and décor, so you chose to book that specific room. 

If the room had mediocre décor and the bathroom was poorly designed, would you even bother to look through the other room options? Surely, you would search for other hotel options that offer satisfactory aesthetics at an affordable price.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Toilet Basin

With so many types of bathroom basins to choose from, it’s easy for you to get overly excited. However, before you purchase one for your bathroom(s), here are some factors to consider when you’re out shopping.

oval shaped basin toto

Overall style of your bathroom

Is your home design modern or traditional? If you live in a traditional home, chances are that a traditional oval shaped toilet basin is the one for your bathroom(s). But, if you’re renovating your home or live in a contemporary home, a squarish and chic countertop may suit your bathroom(s) design.

Square shaped basin toto

You should also consider the type of tap you choose for your toilet basin because it can affect the aesthetic of your sink and bathroom. Once you’ve determined the style of basin and type of water tap, you can go on to creating a bathroom aesthetic that’s right for you and your household.

More commonly seen, the deck mount offers easier installation and future maintenance works with more design options to choose from as well. 


Deck Mounted Tap

The other option, which is a wall mounted tap gives a luxurious and hotel vacation touch to your bathroom. The wall mount tap is also more space efficient, especially for smaller home toilets in Singapore as it takes up a smaller space than its counterpart. 


Dimension of your bathroom

This is another important thing to consider when choosing your toilet basin because it can certainly affect how your bathroom(s) look. If you have a small bathroom, consider toilet basins with compact designs as these will appear proportionate to your bathroom size as well as save on your bathroom space.

But, if you have a large bathroom, you can create a luxurious bathroom by fitting two basins. You can also fit a corner toilet basin if you have a unique bathroom design. Choose the wrong size of toilet basin and you might just find it jutting out awkwardly from the wall or worse, prevents you from opening or closing your bathroom door.

Material of your toilet basin

Toilet basins can be made from several types of materials such as ceramic, marble/stone, glass, and resin. The first material – ceramic – is widely recognised for its availability in various designs and shapes. Not only that, but ceramic toilet basins are also inexpensive, durable, and easy to clean and maintain compared to glass toilet basins.

Meanwhile, marble/stone toilet basins offer exceptionally strong surfaces and are noticeable by their perfect lines and absence of creases. With a cutting edge and moderate look, marble/stone toilet basins are easy to clean and can give off a luxurious vibe to a bathroom. Depending on your preference and taste, you can choose between these two materials.

Mounting of your toilet basin

Different types of toilet basins have different installation processes. Some can be placed over your bathroom counter while some can be mounted on the wall. Therefore, before you purchase your toilet basin, make sure to consider how it is mounted.

You should consider the plumbing configuration as this will determine the placement of your toilet basin. It should correspond to the plumbing and the faucet with which it will be installed. Be sure to measure the dimensions of the space where you will install the toilet basin to ensure the proper flow of water into the sink.

With these four things in mind, you can go on to select the right toilet basin for your bathroom(s) while designing a bathroom that’s unique to you and your household. Your choice of toilet basin will not only give your bathroom(s) a modern look but also reflect your personal taste.

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