Different Types of Toilet Bowl for Bathroom by FullSun

Toilet bowls aren’t exactly the most glamorous fixtures in any bathroom but they are by far one of the most vital features in your bathroom. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to excrete your body waste comfortably or hygienically.

Having said that, toilet bowls can take on a modern and contemporary look, similar to those installed in the bathrooms of high-end shopping malls and luxury hotels. Some may even have the most advanced functions such as auto-open/close lid, sensor-activated flush, etc.

Given the extensive types of toilet bowls in Singapore, we will discuss the different types of toilet bowls offered by the supplier of TOTO sanitary wares in Singapore, FullSun, along with a list of them.

Types of Toilet Bowl for Bathrooms

There are several types of toilet bowls for bathrooms offered by FullSun. Among them are:

  • One-piece
  • Close-coupled/two-piece
  • Wall-hung
  • Wall-faced
  • Neorest

1. One-piece toilet bowl

TOTO One-piece Toilet Bowl

Featured TOTO One-piece Toilet Bowl: C889DESI

 The tank of a one-piece toilet is essentially integrated with the bowl, which forms a streamlined, stylish piece of toilet bowl. These are popular for being easy to clean as some are equipped with advanced cleaning technologies such as Tornado Flush and CeFiOntect to ensure that the toilet remains stain-free with minimal cleaning.

2. Close-coupled/two-piece

TOTO Close-Coupled Toilet Bowl

Featured TOTO Close-Coupled Toilet Bowl: C761E/S760DE

Unlike the one-piece toilet bowl, the close-coupled/two-piece toilet bowl has two different units for its bowl and water tank, which are coupled together with fittings. With advanced technologies and compact design, it is a high-performance toilet with an elegant appearance.

3. Wall-hung

TOTO Wall-hung Toilet Bowl

Featured TOTO Wall-hung Toilet Bowl: CW162Y

As the name suggests, a wall-hung toilet bowl is suspended above the floor. This type of toilet bowl requires your bathroom to have an additional concealed cistern tank like Geberit and wall frame support to secure it onto the wall. At the same time, it adds a contemporary touch to your bathroom décor with some elegance and creativity.

4. Wall-faced

TOTO Wall-faced Toilet Bowl

Featured TOTO Wall-faced Toilet Bowl: CW763B/CW763PB

Different from the previous type of toilet bowl, the wall-faced toilet bowl is installed against the wall and floor. If you’re someone who prefers all the features in your bathroom to be sturdy, this type of toilet bowl is for you.

5. Neorest

TOTO Neorest Toilet Bowl

Featured TOTO Neorest Toilet Bowl: CS901VT

The TOTO Neorest toilet bowl range is by no means ordinary; it is the definition of luxury living. Available in Signature Clean Designs and equipped with the latest technologies, including built-in washlet functions, the Neorest toilet bowl can elevate your bathroom experience in your home.

Now that we’ve discussed the types of toilet bowls offered by FullSun, you will need to understand that there are two types of trap, or trapway – it’s the curving device located at the bottom of your selected toilet bowl that channels waste from the toilet into the drainage pipe. It also prevents sewer gas from coming into your bathroom.

In Singapore, there are two main types of trapway – S-trap and P-trap. The former is commonly found in HDB flats which is why most HDB homeowners prefer the S-trap toilet bowl. Meanwhile, the latter, which is the P-trap toilet bowl, connects to the drainage outlet located on the wall.

Depending on your house type and outlet, this can limit the choices you have for a toilet bowl. Before you select a toilet bowl in Singapore for your bathroom, it will be good to measure the space you need in the bathroom. This will help you determine the set-out required when selecting a toilet bowl from FullSun.

How much is the average toilet bowl price?  

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing toilet bowl or getting a completely new one, the average TOTO toilet bowl price starts at a minimum cost of $700. Should you opt for a more premium model that is of better quality and has more features, it can cost you more than the average price. However, it can be worth the value in the long run.

At FullSun, we offer a variety of TOTO toilet bowls to revolutionise bathrooms across Singapore. You can check out our online store for more.