Dos And Don’ts Of Maintaining Ceramic Items In The Bathroom

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Most bathrooms are composed of ceramic sanitary wares and other porcelain accessories. This is because these materials tend to be the easiest one to clean. However, you have to know the proper way to clean and take care of them to prevent causing premature wear and tear. Here are some dos and don’ts that will help guide you.


· Sometimes, something as simple as sweeping the floor can be overlooked. But this is an important thing to do every now and then to void grounding the dirt to the tile and grout.

· After sweeping, you should follow it up with mopping especially if there’s some splashed water. This keeps the tiles shiny all the time.

· If you have heavy item or furniture in the bathroom, it would be best to attach protective pads on the feet or bottom of the furniture. This will prevent chipping, scratching, and digging into the tiles especially when trying to move things around.

· When it comes to your countertops, it’s important that you immediately and regularly wipe it clean especially when you spill something on it. For deep cleaning, let the disinfectant to sit on the countertop for a several minutes in order to kill the pathogens before rinsing it off.

· You should begin with a liquid toilet bowl cleaner and let it sit to dissolve and kill the germs. You should then take your sturdy bowl brush and give it a good scrub. Disinfecting the toilet is easy enough with a simple disinfecting spray or an all-purpose cleaner. You should spray the toilet rim, seat, lid, tank, and bowl exterior. But if you want this part to be easier, and minimize the usage of toilet cleaners, consider replacing your toilet with TOTO Tornado Flush toilet with completely new flushing system cleans and flushes both the rim and bowl in an innovative way where it project three powerful jets of water from inside the bowl so you won’t have to flush twice and clean manually every after use. Not to mention that CeFiONtect is a glaze applied to all TOTO ceramic products, including our toilets, leaving them with a long-lasting finish that prevents the build-up of mold, limescale and waste matter.


· To avoid scratching the tiles and turning them dull, don’t use Steel Wool or abrasive powders when cleaning it.

· Avoid using cleaning agents with acids because it can damage both the finish on the tile as well as the grout.

· Prevent changing of color in your tiles grout, don’t use bleach or ammonia when cleaning.

· You should not use an excessive amount of water to clean the tiles. If you use too much or let the water sit for too long, it can (and probably will) hurt the grout and/or underlay of the floor.

· You should not let food or grease sit on tiling for any amount of time. If you let them sit, you could end up causing a stain on the tile.

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