Easiest Ways To Keep Your TOTO Toilet Bowl Clean And Hygienic Longer

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Cleaning the toilet bowl is arguably the most dreaded chore in a home. We are aware of what ends up in the toilet bowl in Singapore, and we typically don’t want anything to do with it. But even so, one of the fundamental tasks of home maintenance that you need to do is keeping a toilet clean. 

As unenjoyable as it is, it is a necessary weekly task. But you might be surprised to learn that you can clean the toilet bowl easily now with some of the latest technologies that have been incorporated into TOTO’s products. Let’s take a look at the challenges of cleaning a toilet and how TOTO’s latest technology can solve these issues. 

The Challenges Of Cleaning A Toilet

Even when you clean your toilet bowl nearly every single day, how can it quickly become dirty? This is a fairly typical—yet extremely frustrating—situation, and there are a few potential causes:

Hard Water With Chlorine

Due to the precipitation of the iron and magnesium caused by this mixture, the toilet becomes clogged. Stop using chlorine and try using a water softener to treat hard water.

The Outer Layer Has Worn Off

Ceramic toilet bowls have a glaze coating. The glaze wears off over time, and since ceramic is porous, the elements in the water have a prime spot to cling to.

Mineral Accumulation

The mineral buildup around and in the syphon jets of your toilet, which are positioned beneath the rim of the toilet bowl, could be the cause of those coloured mineral deposits. Start by clearing them, then carry on with regular cleaning.

Get An Easy To Clean Toilet With TOTO Technology

Tornado flushing, Rimless & Cefiontect information

TOTO’s toilet bowls are equipped with the latest technology that makes cleaning easier. Additionally, these technologies also help by cleaning the toilet itself so you will not have to clean it as often as a standard toilet bowl.  

So, let’s take a closer look at some of these TOTO technologies.

Tornado Flushing

Tornado Flushing

Tornado flush is an essential part of every new TOTO toilet. The rim and bowl are both cleaned and flushed in an inventive manner with this brand-new flushing technology. It accomplishes this by reimagining how a toilet flushes.

The Tornado Flush projects three strong jets of water from inside the bowl rather than letting water drip from the rim as it would with a standard flush. The whirlpool effect produced by this motion cleans the entire surface. It is also quiet, water-efficient, and cleans much more thoroughly than any other flush system.

Rimless Design

Rimless Design

Simply put, a rimless toilet is one that lacks a rim. It has a design where the interior of the toilet pan extends seamlessly to the top. Water is released from the back of the bowl by the flushing mechanism, which works to evenly and circularly wet the whole bowl’s surface.

This is why the TOTO toilet bowl’s rimless design helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Additionally, it facilitates cleaning by ensuring that every surface of the toilet bowl is reachable and reducing the need for toilet cleaner, making cleaning easier for you and more environmentally friendly.

Cefiontect Technology


To prevent the accumulation of waste, limescale, and mould, CeFiONtect is a glaze that is applied to all TOTO ceramic products. Bacteria will appear to be mountain ranges under a microscope, and no matter how thoroughly you clean them, they will always accumulate in their ridges and crevices.

With CeFiONtect, you can rest assured that there will be minimal dirt and adhesion on the surface of your toilet bowl.

Simple Ways To Keep A TOTO Toilet Clean

To ensure that you clean your TOTO toilet bowl safely and effectively, here are some tips that will help you. 

Recommended Cleaning Tools

TOTO products are durable; however, it is also important to ensure that you do not quicken the wear-and-tear of the CeFiONtect, which is a glaze on all TOTO toilet bowls, while cleaning by using abrasive products. 

The recommended tools to clean your TOTO toilet bowl include:

  • Detergent or non-abrasive toilet cleaner
  • Soft-bristle plastic brush

Cleaning Tips For TOTO Products With CeFiONtect

The minerals in the water supply cause hard water marks. Neither bleach nor detergents will be able to disintegrate them. To remove the minerals, use a mildly acidic cleanser like vinegar or a detergent that dissolves limescale. Both of these cleaners won’t impact the CEFIONTECT finish.

Use a non-scratch scour pad meant for porcelain as well as vinegar or a cleanser that dissolves lime. To enable the cleaner to dissolve the buildup, give it some contact time.

Your toilet bowl may need to have some water removed if the stain at the waterline is persistent. Reapply the vinegar- or lime-dissolving cleanser at full strength after that. Eliminating the water stops the solution from diluting.

Cleaning Your Toilet Bowl Will No Longer Be A Dreaded Chore With TOTO Toilet Bowl

The challenges of cleaning a bathroom itself can be exhausting and endlessly frustrating. However, with TOTO technology, you can spend less time cleaning your toilet and more time with your loved ones.

At FullSun, Singapore’s TOTO supplier, you can get advice and your questions answered by professional consultants who will recommend the perfect washlet and toilet bowl in Singapore for your bathroom. Drop by our showroom to browse through all the different ranges of TOTO products, or contact us at 62950966 for more information.