How To Evaluate Bathroom Fittings For Replacement

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It is easy to overlook bathroom sanitary fittings because they often seem to be functioning perfectly. However, constant lack of attention to them may lead to minor issues and damages developing into major ones. To avoid that, you should know when they need to be repaired or completely replaced. Here are some tips to know that.

Faucets And Showerheads
When it comes to these two, replacing them is often a matter of being out of style than being out of service. So, if you don’t mind outdated faucets and showerheads, you won’t have to replace them as often unless they’re leaking or you want to save more water and opt for water-saving faucets and showerheads.

If conserving water and money is your main reason for replacing them, Fullsun’s TOTO Technology offers two shower heads which are the Aerial Shower and Aerial Pulse that promotes comfortable and enjoyable experience while reducing water consumption. Aside from that, they also have faucets equipped with self-power feature and EcoCap that allows you to enjoy satisfying water stream while washing your hands while reducing water consumption.

Toilet issues do not always mean that there is a need for replacement, but there are some occasions where replacing the toilet is best. Obvious replacement situations include recurrent clogs, cosmetic or physical damage, or multiple internal issues.

Shower Curtain Or Door
Obviously, glass shower doors would last you longer than curtains. You can go years before needing to replace them. Any chips or cracks can be easily repaired. But if you prefer shower curtains, you may have to replace them yearly or every couple of months depending on how much use they get and how prone they are to collecting mold or grime.

Pipes And Connections
Since pipes and connection are often hidden under concrete walls or sink cabinet, they go a long time before getting replaced because you can hardly see any issues. Although even when minor plumbing issues happen, they still don’t get attention due to this same reason. However, if you don’t want them to turn into major problems you have to consult your plumber immediately. Other than that, there aren’t really any hard rules when it comes to replacing them.

Bathroom windows don’t seem to be an important issue. This is true if it’s pretty small and is located high up. But if your windows start 60 inches or less from the floor of your bathroom, they should be safety glass. If not, then you may need to replace them.