Guide to Choosing the Best Showerhead

Guide to Best Showerhead

Being in Singapore means we have to endure the temperamental weather which affects us 24/7 throughout the year. With some months being extremely hot, it’s not a surprise that we’ll be showering more frequent than we usually do. Additionally, a shower is all we need to relax and refresh our minds. Studies have also found that some people get their best ideas while showering. If you’re looking to improve your well-being, you’ll need a proper showerhead to do the magic.

Often overlooked by other accessories like the vanity and mirror, the showerhead plays a crucial part in any bathroom. With a variety of showerheads available in the market, it is hard to choose. But before you go to the store and decide on one, you’ll need to understand that every showerhead is built differently and has varying functions. Moreover, depending on your needs and preferences, your budget may also be affected. Moving forward, we’re sharing a guide for you to choose to buy shower head in Singapore.


Understand the types of showerhead

  • Wall-mounted – The showerhead is attached to the shower arm, which is fixed to the wall. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, wall-mounted showerheads allow you to have a hands-free shower without needing to adjust the height.


TOTO shower head - Fullsun

TOTO Fixed Shower Head with Air Drop TX488STN


With a sleek and thin design, this showerhead boasts a 2-tick WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standard) rating. So you can rest assured that this wall-mounted showerhead is a water-efficient product. Just be sure to look out for the rating when choosing your shower head set in Singapore.


  • Handheld – Compared to fixed showerheads, handheld showerhead is much more flexible as it’s connected to a long hose and sits on the cradle or showerhead holder when not in use. On days when you want to use it as a fixed showerhead, simply place it on the cradle and voila! It’s also ideal for multiple uses like cleaning the walls and bathing your pets.

TOTO Shower Mixer - Fullsun

TOTO Shower Mixer TX449SNV1BR


Featuring TOTO’s SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) technology, you won’t have to adjust the temperature manually for this shower mixer, allowing you to reduce your water consumption by 5 to 7 litres per minute.


  • Ceiling-mounted (Rain) – Though similar to the wall-mounted showerhead, this type of showerhead is fixed onto your bathroom ceiling to give you a rain-like effect. With an even distribution of water, you’ll be sure to enjoy your daily shower. Rain shower head in Singapore are ideal for bathrooms with low ceilings.


TOTO Fixed rainshower head - Fullsun

TOTO Fixed Shower Head TX491SMZ


With a 2-tick WELS rating, this ceiling-mounted showerhead will allow you to reduce your water consumption by 5 to 7 litres per minute.


  • Multi-head – If you can’t decide between a handheld and fixed showerhead, why not combine the two or get a shower column? With a variety of choices available at Fullsun, you’ll be able to create a spa-like shower experience at home.


TOTO Shower column - Fullsun

TOTO Shower Column TMC95ECR


Featuring five of TOTO’s technologies – Aerial Shower, Aerial Pulse, Gyrostream, Water Saving and SMA, this shower column is ideal for those looking to have a full coverage shower while using less water.


Examine your water pressure

Aside from understanding the types of showerheads available in the market, it’s also crucial for you to get one that’s suitable with your house’s water pressure. If you have low water pressure, it’ll certainly affect the flow rate of your hot water, unless you improve the plumbing system of your house. Just be sure to check on your water pressure and the showerhead’s specifications before making your purchase.


Check the spray pattern

With so many types of showerheads available, it’s not a surprise that they come with varying spray patterns. Most handheld showerheads include the different settings that you can easily adjust on the head, depending on your preference and showering need. The four basic settings of a showerhead include wide, targeted, rinse and pulsating.


For the pulsating pattern, just take a look at TOTO Shower Column TMC95ECR. It has three different showerheads – overhead, body, hand – combined to make a shower column which can be used for various functions. Equipped with TOTO’s technology like Gyrostream, the water is sprayed by rotating nozzles in a precise and pulsating stream, resulting in powerful water vortices that’ll give you a spa-like shower experience.


TOTO Shower Blast - Fullsun

An image illustrating TOTO’s Gyrostream technology


Consider energy consumption

While most Singaporeans prefer the shower to bathtubs, energy consumption for a shower set is inevitable as you’ll need energy to produce the desired water flow for the best showering experience. You may want to choose your showerhead based on the WELS rating to ensure that you’ll have a water-efficient product whilst saving on energy. Additionally, you can choose to purchase the shower items individually, allowing you to pair different item designs based on your preferences in order to maximise your shower experience.


With these guides in mind, you’ll have one of the best showerheads in your home. However, if you need more advice on shower installation, you can visit our showroom or website at