How Bathroom Basins Singapore Can Change Your Overall Landscape

Oftentimes, we think of the bathroom as a space to refresh and relieve ourselves. Thus, the plain and boring bathroom design. But, if you’re looking to revamp your bathroom basin singapore, be it the vanity overhaul or total renovation, there’s more inspiration out there than ever before. 

Take the public establishments in Changi Airport and Marina South as examples. They are ranked some of the best toilets that you’ll want to step into – The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, ION Orchard, TripleOne Somerset, Paragon, and more. 

The overall aesthetics of these public toilets are beyond your imagination, especially at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, which was awarded a 6-star rating in April 2018. While it’s difficult to achieve similar bathroom aesthetics, you can still aspire to improve your overall bathroom landscape based on these establishments.

That said, many components contribute to the overall beauty of a bathroom, and the bathroom basin is just one of them. We can’t go a day without making use of the basin. A quick face rinse, brushing our teeth, and washing our hands would be difficult without it.

Moving forward, we’ll discuss how the different types of the basin can change your overall bathroom landscape along with their structures, designs, and functionality.

 Types of Bathroom Basins in Singapore 

There are many types of bathroom basins available on the market. Designed to be sturdy and attractive, you’d be surprised at how these bathroom basins can make a difference in a space.



Bathroom Basin Singapore | Fullsun
TOTO Wall-hung Basin LW575JR, TOTO Wall-Hung Basin with Half Pedestal LW240HFJ

A wall-hung basin is exactly what it sounds like. This bathroom basin relies on its sturdy body that hangs off the wall in your bathroom. It’s the ideal basin if you have little space to work with or if you’re looking to create a minimalist bathroom.

The plumbing features may be exposed but this can add some character to your bathroom – much like the bathroom version of an exposed brick wall. In terms of design and structure, a wall-hung basin doesn’t allow for a built-in cabinet and can’t handle too much weight. If you want to keep the plumbing fittings hidden, consider a wall-hung basin with either a half or full pedestal.



TOTO Rectangular Console Basin L5616CE, TOTO Round Console Basin LW895J

The countertop basin offers a charming feature for a bathroom. If you have plenty of space to spare or space isn’t a priority, this basin can serve as a classy addition to your bathroom. It’s also a wonderful basin to contain water splashes and easy to install. Besides, it minimises the need to bend over whenever you’re refreshing yourself. Available in two designs – rectangular and round, you can choose whichever you like to fit your bathroom style.


Under Counter

TOTO Under Counter Basin L620K

An under-counter basin is installed underneath your countertop, where the edge of the counter usually covers the rim of the basin’s body. This makes it fairly easy to clean while providing your bathroom with a sleek overall look. It’s the ideal space-saving counter as all the fittings and connections are protected and kept hidden under the counter. Not only that, but it also provides plenty of countertop space to place your toiletries.


Semi Recessed

TOTO Semi Recessed Basin LW647CJ


A semi-recessed bathroom basin adds an interesting dimension to your bathroom décor. Unlike the ones mentioned above, this basin is slightly projected from the rest of the bathroom fixture, which adds a unique look to your overall bathroom aesthetic. If you don’t have enough counter space for your bathroom basin, this semi-recessed basin may just help to achieve the look of a countertop basin.

Improving the aesthetics of your bathroom basin singapore goes a long way. Hence, the type of bathroom basin you choose either makes or breaks the overall bathroom aesthetics. Before you decide on what’s best for your bathroom, make sure to consider the cost, space, and design. That way, it’ll be easier for you to choose.

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