How to use a TOTO washlet

Being in an Asian household means you’ve been taught to clean up after yourself, especially after using the toilet. Traditionally, we use toilet paper or water to clean up after doing our business in the washroom.

toto washlet singapore - fullsun
TOTO Washlet

But as technology begins to change the way we live, the Japanese came up with an innovation, known as the washlet or electronic shower toilet seat, which focuses on enhancing personal cleansing after using the toilet.


If you’ve been to Japan, chances are you’ve come across this innovation numerous times throughout your trip and may have been baffled about the usage. It’s understandable as the use of washlets in Singapore’s toilets is still fairly new and most people are unaware of such a convenient innovation which makes personal cleaning effortless.


So, what is this newly acclaimed innovation and how does one use it? What are the features of a washlet or electronic shower toilet seat? Before we look at the features, here’s what you need to know about a washlet.

What is a washlet?

It’s an electronic shower toilet seat launched by TOTO in 1980, which revolutionises the way people clean themselves after using the toilet. This innovation has since lessen some of the world’s reliance on toilet paper, which is less sanitary. You can also expect to have a comfortable bathroom experience due to the washlet’s variety of feature.


For a washlet to function properly in the toilet, it requires a proper installation by an electrician as it runs on electricity. As a cleaner and hygienic alternative to toilet papers, the washlet works to do front and rear cleansing after you do your business in the toilet. Besides, you get to save more in the long run with a lesser need to buy toilet paper.

What are the features of a washlet?

The washlet may seem revolutionary, but know that it’s meant to give you maximum comfort when you’re doing your business. Depending on the washlet’s model, it can have varying features which offer different levels of cleansing, comfort, and hygiene. Here’s a breakdown of those features.



Most TOTO washlets are equipped with multiple cleansing solution – rear, soft rear, front, wide front, oscillating, pulsating, wand position adjustment, and water pressure adjustment – to give you a satisfying feeling of cleanliness without wasting water.


The one feature that sets TOTO washlets apart from other toilet seats is the Air-In Wonder Wave technology. It uses air-rich water droplets to produce a comfortable washing sensation to give you a thorough cleansing.


Besides, you needn’t worry about running out of warm water while cleaning yourself as the water is warmed instantly

TOTO’s Air-In Wonder Wave technology - Fullsun
TOTO’s Air-In Wonder Wave technology


Unlike regular toilet seats, TOTO’s washlets have numerous features to ensure you have a pleasant experience while doing your business. Here are the features:


  • Auto open/close lid which activates when you approach or leave the toilet. This eliminates the need to touch the toilet’s surface.

  • Soft light that switches on when you approach the toilet at night.

  • Remote control to easily adjust the settings as you see fit.

  • Warm Air Dryer to give you a dry and clean sensation after cleaning with water.

  • Heated seat with temperature control allows you to do your business comfortably.

  • Deodoriser to disguise the scent after you use the toilet.


The deodoriser comes in handy when you need to disguise the scent after doing your business in the toilet. That way, you needn’t worry about leaving the toilet with unpleasant odour for the next person to use. This feature automatically occurs inside the toilet bowl during and immediately after usage.

washlet deodoriser technology - fullsun
An illustration of the deodoriser in action


As a more hygienic alternative to toilet papers, TOTO’s washlets are built with self-cleaning technologies such as Premist and EWATER+.


Before every use, TOTO’s Premist technology automatically sprays water over the inner toilet bowl to prevent waste from clinging. This washes the waste away more easily due to the toilet bowl’s hydrophilic nature.

Water is sprayed over the toilet bowl’s surface
Water is sprayed over the toilet bowl’s surface

After you use the toilet, EWATER+ effectively removes and prevents waste and bacteria from accumulating on the wand and toilet bowl for a germ-free toilet. It is automatically sprayed eight hours after you last use the toilet to impede bacterial growth.


Besides, EWATER+ is produced by electrolysis of chloride ion in tap water, which is free of chemicals and cleaning agents. That way, you needn’t worry about the water returning to its original state in the environment.


Aside from pairing your existing toilet with TOTO’s washlet, there’s a new series of TOTO toilet-and-seat set known as washlet+. It’s a combination which uses TOTO’s proprietary system to conceal the washlet’s water supply hose and electrical cord for a seamless appearance. Best part of this new series is the automated flush – that’s for when someone forgets to flush.

TOTO’s Washlet+ Fullsun
TOTO’s Washlet+

At Fullsun, we provide a variety of TOTO washlets to revolutionise bathrooms across Singapore. If you’re looking to up your bathroom game, installing one will allow you to save energy whilst reducing the usage of toilet papers.