Installing shower & bathroom basin: What is the ideal height?

The bathroom is a mystical place where all our ideas come to life. It’s a personal space that allows us to strip ourselves off of all inhibitions, giving us the freedom to come up with brilliant ideas (or so we thought), prep for the day ahead, and relax before hitting the sack.

Given that the bathroom has a special place in any Singaporean homes, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to install your shower and basin at a height that’s ideal for you. However, some people like to install them without getting professional help.

Common problems of self-installation

Installing the shower and basin in your bathroom requires skills and precision. If you’re considering a cheaper alternative that is by doing it yourself (DIY), here are several problems that may occur if you proceed with self-installation.

1.Low water pressure – Showerheads and basin faucets rely on certain water pressure to give you a good self-cleaning cleaning experience. If you opt to install the shower and basin on your own, you may risk water leakage. And over time, it’ll affect your bathroom’s water pressure.
2.Poor drainage – If the water remains in the basin and drain slowly, chances are you have a drainage problem which may be due to the way you did your plumbing. Should you leave the issue unattended, it can lead to a clogged basin and undesirable odour.
3.Awkward height – If you’ve never installed a bathroom basin before, it can be a daunting task to get the height right. A basin that’s installed too low (if you’re a tall person) can result in physical discomfort while a shower that’s installed too high can affect your showering experience.

Self-installation is certainly cost-saving but it doesn’t exclude the fact that you may end up spending more on getting the problems fixed by a professional. Instead of taking the risk to self-install your shower and bathroom basin, you can consider hiring a professional to do it.

However, if you’re looking to gain a new experience, we may just have the right tip for you to install your shower and bathroom basin. Consider this as your guide to installing and aligning the many features of your bathroom.

Bathroom basin

The typical height for a bathroom basin is between 800mm and 900mm. That’s because most but not all Singaporeans are on the petite side. This measurement, however, depends on the type of basin you choose.

If you’re considering a basin that sits on top of the vanity like the console or self-rimming basins, you may need to lower the height of the vanity to allow for the extra height from the basin. You should ideally install the vanity at a height that’s between 750mm and 800mm.

wash basin singapore - fullsunTOTO Console Lavatory LW818J

This console lavatory measures 150mm in height, 650mm in width and 370mm in depth. You can safely install it at a height between 700mm and 800mm.

For wash basin in Singapore like the under counter and semi-recessed, you can consider installing them at a typical height for a bathroom basin. However, these basins require professional help as the installation involve cutting a hole into a countertop that’s specially sized for the basin. That way, you can avoid water leakages and poor drainage.

bathroom basin singapore - FullsunTOTO Under Counter Lavatory LW720B

Compared to the console lavatory, you can safely install this under counter lavatory at the typical height for a bathroom basin which is between 800mm and 900mm.


Installing the shower at an ideal height is more difficult than it seems. That’s because you don’t want a showerhead that’s either too low that you need to crouch under it or too high that the water pelts your rather than raining down on you.

The ideal height for a showerhead is around 1400mm to 1600mm, that’s if you opt for a sliding rail to place the showerhead. You may also want to bear in mind that the shower must be able to project water far enough for you to stand under it.

rain shower head singapore - FullsunTOTO Shower Column TX493SRR

Instead of opting for a fixed showerhead, this shower column can remove your dilemma over the height installation. You can install this at a height between 1600mm and 1800mm.


Before you install your showers and bathroom basin, be sure to do plenty of research for the ideal bathroom. At Fullsun, we provide a variety of TOTO showers and bathroom basin to revolutionise your bathroom.