​​Louis Singapore: Brand Supplier and Its Products

Are you in the market to look for bathroom accessories with simple and versatile designs? If so, you should check out Fullsun as they supply a range of bathroom accessories by various brands, including LOUIS.

Having said that, LOUIS bathroom accessories are designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, with the intention to suit people from different walks of life. This means certain LOUIS bathroom accessories tend to offer additional functions other than their main function as well as come in a range of colour fittings and options.

If you’re considering installing LOUIS bathroom accessories, don’t fret cause we’re here to help. Keep reading as we unravel the four best-selling LOUIS bathroom accessories and justify whether you should purchase their products for your bathroom makeover.

4 Best-Selling LOUIS Bathroom Accessories

From coloured accessories to shower columns and mirrors, LOUIS bathroom accessories are the epitome of modern home design, suitable for homeowners like you. Let’s take a look at some of the accessories that you should look out for.

1. LOUIS Shower Column Set

louis shower column setlouis shower column set1

Featured LOUIS Shower Column: SD5262-211BGM (left), SD5262-001BZG (right)

Considering that these shower columns come in two colours each – Brushed Gun Metal and Chrome, and Brushed Zirconium Gold and Chrome, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to choose a colour that’s suitable for your home.

That said, these thermostatic shower column sets have an operating pressure of 1.5bar to 5bar. For optimum performance of these shower columns, regular maintenance and inspection at least every 12 months or more are required.

2. JAN Series Accessories

JAN Series Accessories towel rack JAN Series Accessories

Featured LOUIS JAN Series Accessories: KA-31712G (left), KA-70712G (right)

Having enough space to keep your bathroom towels is essential. With a double towel rack from LOUIS, it gives you the space you need for your towels. You can use the top rack to put the extra towels and hang your wet towel on the lower rack.

Aside from being functional, the Brushed Gun Metal towel racks can give your bathroom a stylish look, making them one of the best accessories for your bathroom. Meanwhile, if you prefer to keep things simple, consider purchasing the towel bar.

3. MU Series Accessories

Louis Towel Bar MU Series Accessories

Featured Louis MU Series Accessories: KA-5302BW (left), KA-3302BW (right)

If the metal bathroom accessories are not to your liking, consider the wood series, MU. Designed for multiple functions, the MU bathroom accessories are both stylish and functional.

For instance, the towel bar and shelf. Made from real walnut wood with a protective coating, the black walnut finish with chrome support gives it a sturdy yet stylish appearance when it’s mounted onto your bathroom wall. Besides, why should you settle for one paper holder when you can have a double paper holder that comes with a shelf?

4. LOUIS Round Vanity Mirror with Genuine Leather Strap

Louis Vanity Mirror Louis Vanity Mirror

Featured LOUIS Round Vanity Mirror: HK001BL (left), HK001GL (right)

No bathroom is complete without a vanity mirror. Having said that, placing a vanity mirror with LED light can enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom. With a touch sensor, it’ll be easier for you to apply make-up or style your hair in the morning.

Besides, you get to save on electricity which reduces the need for you to switch on the bathroom light. This LOUIS Round Vanity mirror with a genuine leather strap comes in two designs – gold/stainless steel frame and matte black/iron frame.

Should you buy LOUIS bathroom accessories?

Depending on how you plan to decorate your bathroom, LOUIS bathroom accessories make a great addition to your bathroom aesthetic. After all, you get to have a space that reflects your preferences while keeping it stylish at the same time.

Other than the accessories above, you should also check out other LOUIS bathroom accessories available at Fullsun. For the pricing of each item, check out our online store and other bathroom accessories that are on sale.