Man Fut Tong Nursing Home: Showing Love To Our Elder In Light Of The Celebration Of Mooncake Festival Event

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The population of elders are increasing worldwide. Citizens in each country gives different perspectives about what elders really mean to them and why elders are so much important to them. Importance of elders can be seen in two different views: Firstly, elders’ importance in the family and secondly, their importance in the society. In the families they play an important part as “great role models”. In the society they are very influential. Go deep into your past moments of life, there always stands an elder who has helped you. Elders are diverse in wisdom and knowledge and can pass them on to younger generations. So we should give prime respect towards them.

Although staying with their families would make them happier, there are some elders that have to stay at nursing homes due some instances. But we can still help make their stay at nursing homes feel better for them by visiting and doing some volunteer work.

Following TOTO’s mission of the continual commitment to research and development of new products for senior citizens and disabled people, our products are centered on comfort, safety and functionality. As caring for the disabled and elderly has become a key pillar of our company, Fullsun had expanded to set up a Heorte studio that showcases sanitary products to meet the needs of the elderly, disabled and patients in hospital. We’ve also done projects in a couple of nursing homes in order to provide quality sanitary wares and fittings for the benefit of elderly individuals.

Aside from that, we make it a point to give back to our society and uphold our moral responsibility to care for the disabled and elderly by participating in events like Man Fut Tong Nursing Home Event last September 14, 2018 for the Mooncake Festival Event.

It was such a heart-warming experience to make them happy even for a short while. Seeing their smiling faces during our visit while we distributed goodie bags, assisted them with their dinner and entertained them by singing to them while dressing up as 财神 (god of fortune) was worth all the time and effort.

Our company used to supply Man Fut Tong Nursing Home with sanitary wares too, so they already feel closer to our hearts. However, the fulfillment feels different when you interact with them and make them happy even with simple gestures like this.

Honoring and appreciating our elders and their contribution to the society doesn’t require grand deeds, all that matters is that it came from your heart. So go ahead and offer what you can. As the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.”