Toilet & Wash Basins - Bathroom Basin in Singapore

Our toilet & wash basins are great for bathrooms in Singapore. Featuring a sleek and comfortable design, and boasting environmentally friendly performance and materials. These are the key elements that underline each of our lavatories.

Types of TOTO Wash Basins

TOTO offers a diverse range of toilet and wash basins to cater to various bathroom styles and user preferences. Here are some different types of TOTO wash basins:


Why TOTO Wash Basins are the Best Choice

TOTO wash basins are known for their exceptional features that enhance functionality, style, and user experience. These are some unique features commonly found in TOTO wash basins:


Choosing TOTO for your wash basins is not just about acquiring a fixture; it's about investing in excellence, sustainability, and a bathroom experience that is second to none.