CS989VT / TCF9768WZ



Product Specification

Colour / Material White
Flush system Tornado Flush
Water Use 3.8 / 3.0L
Rough-in 305 mm
Size 386W x 689D x 512H mm
Water Pressure 0.05Mpa ~ 0.75Mpa
Power Rating 220 ~ 240V 50/60Hz
Length of Power Cord 1.2 m

Product Features

  • NEOREST RH ’S trap’ Luxurious integrated toilet
  • EWATER+ automatically spreads out and keeps clean toilet bowl and nozzle by preventing bacteria with sanitizing effect
  • New RIMLESS DESIGN. Simply beautiful in shape with no shaded area make cleaning easier
  • TORNADO FLUSH system. 360° cleaning power reaches every spot using less water
  • CeFiONtect prevents debris on toilet surface
  • PREMIST water is sprayed to make it difficult for dirt to adhere
  • SELF-CLEANSING WAND where wand self-cleans before and after every use
  • AIR-IN WONDERWAVE Cleansing provides eco-friendliness
  • Come with 16A ELCB 10mA DP (SS97)