iPee Mini

Smart urinal flush

Product Specification

Power Supply AC 230V – DC 6V adapter : DC 6V (batteries pack)
Flushing Volume Adjustable: 0.5L, 0.8L, 1.5L
Dimension 52W x 17D x 88H mm

Product Features

  • Smart urinal flush
  • Touch free activation of urinal flush
  • IoT ready to do remote monitoring
  • Come with water-saving function:
  • 1. No false flushing, able to differentiate between urine and water (accurate user detection)
  • 2. Stadium mode, flushing volume automatically reduce by 90% during high frequency usage
  • Automatic shut down when drain is clogged
  • Automatic hygiene flush every 24hrs after last usage
  • Come with manual override capability
  • Easy to install or retrofit to existing urinal
  • Vandal proof as the system is invisible to the user