iPee Spectre

Smart water closet flush

Product Specification

Dimension of face plate 236W x 160D x 20H mm
Discharge volume: 2.5L half flush / 4L full flush

Product Features

  • Sodium detecting sensor WC flush valve with auto dual flush.
  • Intelligent auto flush for toilet consisting of 2 interacting sensor technologies: ToF & Spectre.
  • ToF: Flush plate at the top using Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology
  • Spectre: Intelligent sensor at the bottom working seamlessly together with ToF
  • Come with a water-saving functions
  • ToF: Razor sharp distance measuring, knows the difference between a user standing up or being seated: automatically selects right flushing volume
  • Spectre: Measuring the content of the ceramics without being in contact with any liquid. Knows when toilet has been used or is blocked / slow flow. Intelligent sensor at the bottom working seamless together with each other
  • Other functions: IPEE Spectre will be able to combine ultimate water efficiency with operational excellence and UX
  • It’s future proof, all flush plates come with a minimum of BLE technology for updates and individual preference settings
  • Easy to install or retrofit to existing urinal
  • Vandal proof as the system is invisible to the user