Shower Column

Product Specification

Water Pressure : 0.15MPa ~ 0.75MPa
Finish : Nickel Chrome
Size : 200mm
Water Usage : 6.7L/min

Product Features

  • 3 types of shower variation (Overhead/ Body/ Hand)
  • - Aerial Pulse
  • Aerated water with a pulsating function
  • Less water to produce a voluminous flow of water regardless of the showerhead size
  • - Aerial Shower
  • Aerated shower for water
  • Full coverage shower that uses less water
  • - Gyrostream (Body Shower)
  • Shower jets with rotating and pulsating functions
  • Water flows through nozzles that rotate and pulsate, massage the body and stimulate blood circulation, refreshing the whole body
  • - Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) - Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • Able to achieve and maintain ideal temperature setting
  • Responds to sudden temperaturechanges instaneously and accurately
  • Anti Scald protection

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