Reasons Why One Piece Toilet Is A Better Option Than Two Piece Toilets

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It can be a little off-putting to choose between a one piece and a two piece toilet because they basically save the same purpose and have a lot in common. But one piece toilets may have a few advantages that you’ll find in handy especially when you think long term. Here are the reasons why it may be a good idea to opt for a one piece toilet.

You Don’t Run The Risk Of Ordering A Toilet With Each Piece Arriving Separately
Have you ever experienced ordering a 2-piece toilet only for each piece to arrive separately? This doesn’t seem too bad, that is unless they arrive a week or more apart from each other! If this happens to you, not only that you’ll have to take more than one day off to install it, but it also means you’ll have to use the toilet without the flush for an extended period of time. You won’t have these troubles if you go for the 1-piece system that is ready to go and shipped as is.

It Is Easier To Clean
Due to the fact that 1-piece toilets doesn’t come with a lot of nooks and crevasses means cleaning it would be a lot faster and easier. You know you’ll be able to reach the entire toilet to scrub so bacteria won’t have a chance to hide and grow. Aside from that TOTO One Piece toilet comes with advanced cleaning technologies such as Tornado Flush and CeFiOntect that ensures the toilet remains stain-free with minimal cleaning.

You Save A Couple Of Inches In Bathroom Space
With one piece toilets, the tank is connected and sits lower on the bowl which makes this type of toilet generally smaller compared to 2-piece ones. A couple of inches may not seem like such a big difference in saved space but if you already run low on square footage in your bathroom, those few inches can go a long way.

It’s More Durable
Since 1-piece toilets are 1 solid piece of ceramic, fewer of the pipes and flushing elements are exposed. That protects them from outside elements, such as excess moisture. As with most equipment, the fewer separate parts that comprise it, the more durable it proves to be.

Price Points
Sure, 2-piece toilets may be cheaper because 1-piece toilets are newer technology which tends to come at a higher price tag. However, since 1-piece toilets are more solidly constructed, it becomes more durable so you’re less likely to be replacing it as often as you would with 2-piece ones. As a result, you get to save more money in the long run by opting for a 1-piece toilet.

Easier To Install
Since you are only dealing with a single piece, installing a 1-piece toilet is generally easier than its 2-piece counterpart.

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