Reasons Why Better Sanitary Ware Design Is Crucial In Hospitals

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If most household take a considerable amount of time when designing their bathrooms, it’s even more crucial for hospitals especially when it comes to sanitary wares and fittings. This is because choosing sanitary ware and fittings for hospital use can literally be a life or death decision and is a responsible decision to make. The need to deliver water and remove waste efficiently, reduce cross infection and cater for the physical limitations of patients demands a lot from every sanitary installation.

Our Heorte Studio is our showroom that specially showcases sanitary products suitable for the elderly, disabled and even patients in hospitals. Through our years of providing sanitary products to various hospital projects, we have come to realize that information about sanitary care products for the elderly, disabled and patients are very limited, not only in Singapore but even in the region. To better understand why this is such a big deal, here are some factors that would explain this further.

To Avoid Spreading Bacteria And Viruses
Did you know that splashing of water when taps run into clinical basins causes spreading of bacteria and viruses into the air, onto the face, clothing and the surrounding area, such as hospital beds? This may seem like a simple issue but sometimes it can also be the most difficult to solve. While a good product design is important, the material and the overall execution of the hospital sanitary facility play a big role too in effectively reducing spread of infection.

Ease Of Cleaning Means Increased Hygiene
To ensure cleanliness all the time, regular cleaning is required for hospital bathrooms especially in wards where a number of patients usually share one bathroom. But this becomes difficult when the sanitary wares and fittings aren’t designed with ease of cleaning in mind. In Fullsun, we provide several different series of high quality Louis Grab Bars which are not only highly durable, but are also made of heavy duty reinforce aluminum pipe internally and covered with nylon that has antibacterial features to make it more difficult for bacteria to cling to the surface.

Aside from that our TOTO Tornado Flush toilet allows you to flush both the rim and bowl in an innovative way where it project three powerful jets of water from inside the bowl so you won’t have to flush twice and clean manually. Moreover, we also have TOTO toilet bowl’s rimless design that helps ensure that dirt and bacteria aren’t able to collect in the first place.

To Prevent Slips And Falls
Grab bars increase accessibility and safety for people with a variety of disabilities or mobility difficulties. Louis Grab Bars, for that matter, can come in handy as it provides extra stability, minimizing the tendency to slip on any wet surface. Installing them near the toilet allows them to have something to hold on to when sitting or getting off the seat too. This is also why Louis Shower Seat is being used in hospitals so that patients who can’t stand too long can shower while sitting comfortably without any risk of slipping.

To Better Accommodate Elderly, Disabled, And/Or Wheelchair Bound Patientsf
While some patients are okay with their family or hospital staffs assisting them whenever they need to use the bathroom, there are some who like to be as independent as possible. Fullsun’s, TOTO Wall Hung LW137Y/ LW136HFY hand wash basin with half pedestal is designed to enable better grip for wheelchair user. Even our shower set comes with exposed shower mixer with indicator of high visibility, hand shower; shower hose with anti-twist features and sliding rail is great for those with mobility difficulties to maneuver easily themselves in the shower while minimizing their movement to avoid accidents.

To Enable Hand Free Usage
People try to avoid touching anything in the bathroom, especially in public ones, to avoid cross contamination. This i s why TOTO sensor taps and TOTO sensor flush valve are perfect for hospitals. Because they don’t just conserve water but they also enable hand-free usage.

If you are interested in any of our products or have any inquiries, please feel free to stop by our studio. We have invested in this studio to allow our customers to have a look and feel into the possible sanitary products available in the market, including our past projects that we have set-up in various hospitals. We hope that through this studio, our customers will have a better understanding of the sanitary ware and products that we are able to provide, in order to maximize the experience and environment of patients regardless of differences in treatment requirements and/or physical challenges.

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