Six Must-have Accessories for Your Bathroom

When it comes to decorating a house, most Singaporeans mostly focus on furniture arrangements in larger rooms such as the living room, dining room and kitchen. This leaves the smaller room like the bathroom with little detail. But when you think of it, it’s also one of the most visited rooms in the house. You use it to prepare for the day, attend to nature’s call, and relax after a day’s work. So, paying more attention to the little detail will spruce up the look. Now that you came to realize the value of your bathroom, you might be thinking of ideas. This article is all about it! You’ll never go wrong by getting these six must-haves accessories for your bathroom.


Mirrors are one of the most essential accessories in a bathroom. The moment you step into any bathroom, you’ll automatically check for your reflection in the mirror. Mirrors are very useful in your bathroom as you depend on it while you perk up. Brush your teeth, put on make-up and more, the mirror is one reliable thing that can help you.

While it’s common to have a vanity mirror in most Singaporean bedrooms, the Louis Round Vanity Mirror with Genuine Leather Strap is ideal for your bathroom as it’s equipped with LED light and touch sensor With this type of mirror, glamming up will be easy as the light can help you with makeup details on your face. Don’t worry about electric consumption as you’ll be only using less energy with it.

Bathroom LED Mirror Singapore
Louis Round Vanity Mirror with Genuine Leather Strap @ Bukit Batok Condominium

 Soap dispensers 

When you visit the bathroom in malls or hotels in Singapore, you’ll notice that they always have soap dispensers which differ in shapes and sizes, as well as colours. If you’re tired of cleaning the soap residue after each use, consider getting a soap dispenser. It’ll help in keeping your bathroom clean and tidy.

Besides, you get to show off your taste in interior design. If you like to keep things to a minimal, a wall-mounted sensor soap dispenser from LOUIS will do the trick. Available in two colours – white and gold, the soap dispenser’s versatile lock mechanism will also help control the misuse of soap and reduce the need to refill it often.

Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Singapore - Fullsun
Louis Wall-Mounted Sensor Soap Dispenser

Towel  holders

It’s common to hang your towel in the bathroom so that you can grab it easily after a cooling shower or a warm bath. Available in various designs and materials, the towel holder is the simplest yet often overlooked for its minimalist design. Other than that, towel racks give you more space to store clean and dry towels as seen in hotels.

Towel Bar Singapore - Fullsun

Towel Racks Singapore - Fullsun
Louis YAN Series (Brushed Gun Metal) – Towel Bar and Double Towel Racks

In most homes, towel holders are often placed near the shower stall, bathtub or next to the wash basin for hand towels. If you always leave your towel in the bathroom to dry, it’s best to get a sturdy towel holder. Fullsun offers a wide range of towel holder made from chrome, brush gunmetal, stainless steel and walnut wood.

Towel Bars Singapore - Fullsun

Stainless Steel Towel Bar - Fullsun
Louis MU Series Towel Bar with Shelf and Louis YAN Series (Chrome) Towel Bar

Towel baskets

Keeping your bathroom tidy can be a challenge when you’re part of Singapore’s white-collar workforce. But if you’re determined to keep it tidy, why not get a laundry basket which can double as a towel basket? That way you won’t have to worry about getting your used towel wet or dirty before doing your laundry routine.

Laundry Basket - Fullsun
Minimalist Laundry Basket with Stand

Corner shelf

Having proper storage for your toiletries is a must to keep your bathroom looking clean and tidy. If you have a small bathroom, corner shelves are your ideal choice. You can install it near the shower to store your toiletries for better convenience, or near the toilet for easier access. Besides, it’ll require just the corner of your bathroom.

If you’re looking to get some corner shelf from Fullsun, you needn’t worry about its exposure to heat and moisture as they are made of high-quality material. Made from stainless steel 304, the Louis Corner Shelf is available in chrome and matte black. Its removable inner basket makes it easier for you to clean. 

Corner Bathroom Shelf Singapore - Fullsun
Louis Corner Shelf

Robe hook

Hooks are usually small, almost invisible to the eye. But it’s a must-have in every bathroom so that you can hang your towel or bathrobe. You can choose to mount it on the bathroom door or fix it on the wall that is within your reach after a shower or bath.

It’s also a practical accessory to have robe hooks in the bathroom so that you can hang other stuff like your pajamas away from the bathroom floor. At Fullsun, we provide a variety of robe hooks from brands like TOTO and Louis to suit your design preference. Rest assured that they’ll last for a long time as the hooks are made of quality metals.

Mu Series 3


With these accessories, your bathroom will definitely look more fabulous and more neat. You can also find more bathroom accessories on our site at