Smart Features Transforming Traditional Toilet Bowls

Smart Features Transforming Traditional Toilet Bowls

We are living in an era dominated by smart technology, which means that innovation is seeping into every aspect of our daily lives. The bathroom is no exception. Traditional toilet bowls are undergoing a remarkable transformation, thanks to the integration of smart features that enhance not only hygiene but also the overall bathroom experience.

Listed below are the cutting-edge technologies that are turning ordinary toilets into intelligent fixtures, ushering in a new era of bathroom sophistication.


Touchless technologyTouchless Technology

Touchless technology for toilets represents a pinnacle of innovation, seamlessly blending convenience and hygiene. Automated sensors are replacing traditional flush handles, reducing the need for physical contact and minimizing the spread of germs.

TOTO’s commitment to hygiene extends to the touchless convenience of automatic flush systems with their WASHLET+ & NEOREST series – an electronic toilet seat that comes with the automatic and sensor-activated ‘Auto Open and Closed Lid’ function. ‘Auto Flush’ is also integrated, allowing users to flush the toilets without having to touch buttons or handles.

Auto Flush

This touchless technology not only enhances cleanliness by minimizing contact with surfaces but also aligns with modern expectations for seamless and intuitive bathroom experiences.


Bidet functions

Bidet Functions

Bidet functions significantly contribute to the smart capabilities of modern toilets, offering a more hygienic alternative to traditional toilet paper.

TOTO exemplifies this with its advanced bidet technology. Their toilets are equipped with numerous bidet functions to provide a customizable and precise cleansing experience for users. Aside from ‘Auto Open & Closed Lid’ and ‘Auto Flush’, other functions of TOTO toilets include ‘Air-in Wonderwave’, which provides air rich water droplets to deliver a comfortable washing experience, ‘Warm Air Drying’ with temperature control, and ‘Heated Seat’.

Heated Seat

The ‘Warm Air Drying’ feature is designed to dry your bum after use.


Heated seats

Touch Of Warmth

As mentioned above, TOTO’s toilets come with heated seats, offering users a touch of warmth, especially during chilly mornings or in colder environments. The temperature-controlled seats automatically warm up as you approach, ensuring a cozy and inviting experience that goes beyond the basic functionalities of a traditional toilet.


LED lighting

The LED lighting fixture of TOTO toilets serves a dual purpose, offering practical illumination and adding a touch of modern sophistication to the space. These energy-efficient lights come in handy by aiding in night time navigation, eliminating the need for harsh overhead lighting and enforcing bathroom safety.


Self-cleaning technology

Self-cleaning technology not only ensures a consistently high level of hygiene but also significantly reduces the need for manual cleaning, making the toilet a low-maintenance fixture.

TOTO toilets contribute to a hassle-free bathroom environment with these functions: Ewater+, CeFiONtect, and Actilight, to name a few. Ewater+ employs electrolyzed water technology to mist the bowl surfaces after each use. This misting process helps to sanitize the toilet bowl, minimizing the growth of bacteria and reducing the need for harsh chemical cleaners. CeFiONtect, on the other hand, can be found in all of TOTO’s products and is a glaze that prevents the accumulation of mold and waste matter.

Actilight combines ultraviolet light technology with a special photocatalytic glaze applied to the toilet bowl surface. This synergistic combination works to break down and neutralize particles and bacteria, ensuring a consistently clean and sanitized environment. The ultraviolet light, activated when the lid is closed, enhances the antimicrobial properties of the glaze.



TOTO’s intelligent toilets stand at the forefront of bathroom innovation, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with user-centric design. These smart features not only elevate cleanliness and hygiene standards but also transform the bathroom into a space of luxury, comfort, and sustainability.

TOTO toilets are available at Fullsun Marketing in different types: Neorest, WASHLET+, and many more. If you are planning to invest in a TOTO toilets but are unsure which one is more suited to your needs, no fret, as we can help you in your selection. Simply reach out to us at 6295 0966 or email for inquiries on our bathroom fittings in Singapore.