The 4 Types Of Bidet Seats To Check Out For Your Home

4 types of bidet seats for your home

There are numerous benefits to upgrading to a toilet bidet seat, including improved personal hygiene and cleansing, environmental friendliness, and potential long-term cost savings. As such, most countries, including those in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, regularly use toilet bidet seats.

As dry toilet paper might leave you unclean with some remnant still clinging to your skin, toilet bidet seats offer superior personal hygiene and cleanliness. When utilising a toilet bidet seat, the water helps to remove any residue and makes you feel cleaner after.

Toilet bidet seats are also better for the environment because they minimise the number of trees required to produce toilet paper. The long-term cost of utilising a bidet will be lower when you consider extra expenditures like shipping and packaging for toilet paper. Moreover, the bleaching process used to make toilet paper is also very harmful to the environment and humans.

So if you’re someone who’s looking to upgrade your toilet bidet to enhance your bathroom experience and gain all these benefits, here’s what you need to know.

4 Types of Bidet Seats with TOTO Technology

When it comes to choosing a bidet seat, the best brand to look for is TOTO. TOTO technology has been known for its innovation and intelligent design. Beyond that, TOTO washlet has revolutionised the way individuals do the most important daily ritual of the day, which is cleansing after using the restroom.

Here are 4 types of bidet seats with TOTO technology.

Manual: Eco-Washer

A non-electric bidet seat is an excellent place to start because it is less expensive and easier to install. If you truly like it, consider switching to an electrical washlet, also known as an electrical shower toilet seat.

In comparison to a manual eco washer, which only has basic capabilities like a rear and feminine wash mode, the TOTO Ecowasher offers even more features and benefits over time. Although it doesn’t require electricity, the TOTO Ecowasher offers comparable cleaning and comfort features to the washlet. As such, installing and removing it from an existing toilet is simple.

Electrical: Washlet

Toto Washlet Features

The TOTO Washlet toilet seat includes a bidet. Thus, this product has features and functionalities that are not present in standard toilet seats. Users will have a more relaxing, hygienic, and enjoyable experience owing to its design.

The TOTO Washlet also includes the following:

  • Heated seat
  • Deodoriser
  • Auto open/close lid
  • Different cleaning spray patterns
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature

Additionally, the TOTO Washlet includes an automatic cleaning cycle that thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl following each use. Depending on the type, a Washlet may have different characteristics that provide variable degrees of sanitisation, comfort, and cleanliness.

Let’s have a look at those features.

Multiple Cleansing Spray Patterns

In order to give users a gratifying sense of cleanliness without wasting water, most TOTO Washlets feature numerous cleaning solutions because of the Air-In Wonder Wave technology. It creates a relaxing washing sensation using air-rich water droplets to give users a deep clean.

Heated Seat

When the toilet seat gets cold to the rim at night, it can be an uncomfortable experience. TOTO’s revolutionary technology allows your seat to warm up to a comfortable temperature as soon as you approach, eliminating the need to sit on a cold surface.


There are instances when you need to eliminate your waste, which causes the entire bathroom to stink. With a TOTO Washlet, you don’t have to worry about the smell since the deodoriser can help mask it after you use the restroom. After everything, while the toilet is being used and shortly thereafter, this feature works automatically inside the bowl.

Auto Open/Close Lid (only for certain models)

Hence, with TOTO Washlet’s auto-open/close lid, you don’t need to touch the toilet’s surface since it activates as you approach or leave the toilet. This will also make it easier to use the toilet at night and benefit anyone with difficulty using the bathroom.

To experience this feature fully, you can consider installing the TCF4911SP model. Besides the auto open and close lid feature, there are other features that can help enhance your bathroom experience including:

  • Multi function washlet with remote control
  • Comfortable rear, front, and oscillating cleansing functions
  • Adjustable warm air drying and heated seat

Self-Cleaning Functions

In contrast to standard toilets, most TOTO Washlets in Singapore feature self-cleaning features like Premist and EWATER+. TOTO’s Premist technology automatically sprays water over the inner toilet bowl before each use to stop debris from adhering to the surface. Due to the hydrophilic structure of the toilet bowl, washing away debris is easier.

EWATER+ effectively eliminates and stops waste and bacteria from building up on the wand and toilet bowl after using the toilet, ensuring a clean facility. In order to prevent bacterial growth, it is sprayed automatically eight hours after your last toilet visit.

Besides, EWATER+ is created by electrolysing chloride ions in tap water, which is devoid of chemicals and cleaning agents. Thus, you won’t need to be concerned about the water changing back to its initial state when exposed to the environment.

Electrical: Washlet +

Washlet + Toilet Sets

These washlet and toilet sets are part of a new series. It offers a higher quality of cleanliness and comfort for everyday life. Washlet+ is the practical method to bring TOTO technology’s revolutionary comfort and cleanliness into your house. Thus, it is made for every home. Each toilet and seat combination has a cohesive design without protruding pipes or connections.

Auto Flush

When using the lavatory, do you frequently forget to flush the toilet? It happens to the best of us. As such, you might require the TOTO Washlet because it has technology that facilitates auto flush.

Additionally, you won’t need to touch the handles or buttons and won’t have to worry as much about forgetting to flush. For someone who tends to forget things, it is the ideal function.

Electrical: Neorest

electrical neorest toilet

The TOTO Neorest Collection is the future of toilet technology because automated technologies keep it constantly at work throughout the day to maintain hygienic toilet surfaces and a welcoming and pleasant environment.

Moreover, the TOTO Neorest toilet offers a Cycle of Cleanliness and Comfort, where the cycle starts as soon as you approach the toilet and ends when you use it the next time. The innovations included are what distinguish the TOTO Neorest toilet collection from others, such as:

  • Actilight
  • Clean synergy
  • WASHLET technology
  • Automated hospitality

The TOTO Neorest series is the pinnacle of a smart lifestyle that improves your level of hygiene while decreasing the frequency of manual toilet cleaning. It offers a variety of design options as well as automated functions, such as:

  • Auto-open/close lid
  • Sensor-activated flush
  • Instant heated seat
  • Deodoriser
  • Soft light

Actilight (only for certain models)

The Neorest toilet efficiently eliminates visible and invisible waste through a photocatalytic process when two essential Actilight components are combined. The two components include:

  • A scientifically developed glaze that is fired into the toilet bowl (zirconium coating)
  • UV light inside the lid for an antibacterial effect

Therefore, the UV light automatically switches on when you aren’t using the Neorest toilet to provide a consistently clean toilet bowl.

To experience the Actilight feature, consider getting the CS900KVT. This product also comes with a variety of features, such as:

  • Self-cleansing wand where wand self-cleans before and after every use
  • CeFiONtect that prevents debris on toilet surface
  • A new rimless design to complement your bathroom design seamlessly

Clean Synergy

To ensure that your toilet always stays clean, TOTO’s Neorest collection’s clean synergy idea combines three technologies, which include:


CeFiONtect is a unique glaze used on TOTO ceramic products to create an incredibly smooth finish, even at microscopic scales, allowing waste particles to slip off easily. As a result, it is easier to clean and uses less toilet cleaner because wear-and-tear-induced ridges are prevented from forming.

Tornado Flush

Tornado Flush, a default feature of TOTO toilets, reinvents how a toilet flushes. Rather than the traditional flush, which pours down from the rim, the tornado flush releases three high-pressure water jets, creating a tornado-like vortex that forces waste off the bowl’s surface and thoroughly cleans the whole bowl.


Ewater+ is an antibacterial liquid that is automatically sprayed onto the bowl after flushing to stop waste from building up and discolouring the toilet bowl. It kills 99.9% bacteria and sterilises the bidet nozzle after each use, minimising the need for harsh cleaning products.


WASHLET Technologies

The WASHLET technology is representative of TOTO’s technological innovation. It features a unique wand that can self-clean while allowing you to regulate the water temperature and flow for the best possible personal washing.

Additionally, the Air-in Wonder Wave technology combines comfort and environmental friendliness for optimal cleaning.

At FullSun, which is Singapore’s best TOTO toilet bidet supplier, you can get your questions and concerns answered by professional consultants that will recommend you the perfect TOTO bidet for your bathroom. Drop by our showroom to browse through all the different ranges of TOTO products or contact us at 62950966 for more information.