The Cost Of Replacing A Toilet Bowl In Singapore

We all use the bathroom several times every day. Despite being made to last, a high-quality toilet bowl will ultimately start to develop problems. It could malfunction completely or have issues like cracks and undesirable marks.

In such circumstances, you may ponder whether a toilet bowl replacement or repair is required. And the next thought would be, if your toilet bowl has problems, how much will it cost to replace it?

Here are some factors that will affect how much a replacement of toilet bowl cost in Singapore.

Cost Factors For Replacing A Toilet Bowl In Singapore

The cost of replacing a toilet bowl in Singapore can vary based on several variables, including:

  • The difficulty of the task
  • Brand of the replacement toilet
  • Installation location
  • Plumbing situation
  • Removal of the old toilet

A toilet replacement may also uncover unforeseen issues that may cost more money. Furthermore, replacing toilet parts, such as a flange or a wax seal, is only possible by removing, reseating, and resealing the toilet. Hence, the labour cost is based on how long it takes to install the toilet.

So, let’s take a closer look at the factors that will affect the price of replacing a toilet bowl in Singapore.

Type of Toilet Bowl

C889DESI – one piece – from $1195 excluding GST

C769ESI – two piece – from $1050 excluding GST

CW822RJT2 – wall hung – from $895 excluding concealed parts, bracket and GST

CW254PJ – wall faced – from $1185 excluding concealed parts, bracket and GST

The type of toilet will significantly influence the cost of the entire installation. From basic two-piece toilets with round or oval bowls to high-end smart models with seat warmers and bidets, homeowners have a variety of alternatives. Additionally, popular alternatives are one-piece and wall-hung toilets.

Some toilets are far more expensive than regular toilets because they need to have additional plumbing lines installed to function properly. Extra features can also include options like:

  • Lighting
  • Auto flushing
  • Self-cleaning
  • Remote control options

Brand of the Toilet Bowl

Depending on the brands of toilet bowls, the average cost of replacing one can vary. However, consumers often select a toilet brand depending on the size, style, and additional features they desire for their bathroom.

Installation location

During the installation process, there are two vital components that are needed for a toilet bowl to be functional. Those components are:

  • Outlet size: an opening where the toilet bowl’s waste is discharged.
  • Pan collar: a connector that links the toilet bowl to the waste outlet.

Fullsun offers a pan collar that links from the toilet bowl to the pan collar and to the outlet size where the waste will be discharged.


You will automatically be responsible for covering the full cost of the toilet bowl installation when a qualified plumber instals a new toilet bowl. The cost will also include both material and labour charges.

The task usually takes two to four hours if the installation job is completed on time without extra repairs. Other additional labour pricing can include:

  • Removal of the old toilet
  • Moving and installing a new drain pipe
  • Repairing leaks and clogs
  • Installing toilet flanges, wax rings, and flush valves

Removal of the old toilet

There is typically an additional fee to remove and dispose of the old toilet. Furthermore, old toilets can be difficult to remove, and the extent of trouble they cause might raise the cost of your toilet replacement process. Always ask a professional whether they include toilet removal charges in their estimate.

Other Possible Cost Factors

It’s useful to be aware of any extra expenses and factors when budgeting for the cost of replacing a toilet. Although the cost of the toilet and labour make up a sizable portion of the project cost, extra services, customisations, and emergency call-out charges are all a part of replacing a toilet.

Here are other possible factors that might affect the cost of replacing a toilet bowl.

Tile Or Floor Repair or Replacement

When a toilet leak happens, it is essential to fix the area as soon as possible because the water will damage the flooring. Besides that, fixing such issues quickly can help prevent any mould and mildew development or even structural problems. Water leaks can also ruin your drywall or tiles. As such, sometimes tearing out the wall is the only option to repair the area if pipes inside the walls need to be replaced.

The price of the toilet replacement job will increase if such repair or replacement is required.

Additional Plumbing Service

In most cases, a plumber can only determine the scope of necessary repairs once the toilet has been removed and the floor and walls have been opened. There could be pipes that need to be updated to comply with current development regulations, or there could be a hidden leak.

Besides that, the cost of labour and materials can increase substantially if you remodel a bathroom and relocate the toilet.

General Cost of Replacing A Toilet in Singapore

In Singapore, replacing a toilet typically costs between $160 and above. The cost also depends on the type of toilet being fitted and the state of the existing toilet. The replacement of a toilet may take 2-4 hours.

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