Things In Your Bathroom That You Wouldn’t Regret Going High-Tech

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When going for the high-technology bathroom, it’s easy to go overboard that it no longer feel like a bathroom you’d actually enjoy. But when done right and in moderation, it makes a bathroom look really modern but it also helps people relax better and can be convenient most of the time. Here are some ideas if you’re leaning towards the tech trend.

Underfloor Heating
If you’re like most people who go straight to the bathroom after waking up, stepping on cold floors especially in the bathroom is not a good way to wake up. Although wearing bathroom slippers should solve this, there are people who are too half-asleep to even bother with it so they go barefoot. So adding necessary warmth with underfloor heating can be a wonderful upgrade. They are also quite reasonable in price and can be easily installed before laying your tile. Controlled by a simple thermostat on the wall, they allow you the pleasure of a warm bathroom and even help to reduce moisture.

If you hate missing an important call or like to really take your time in the bathroom while browsing the internet, staying connected is possible. Many hotels have telephones in the bathroom for these reasons and so can you. Aside from that, you just have to ensure good home WiFi signal that reaches the bathroom.

Many homeowners nowadays like to have entertainment even in their bathrooms, because why not. Besides, a bathroom is no longer a place for utility but a place to relax as well. If you’ve also been contemplating about this, waterproof television and shower iPod dock are now widely available in the market.

Upgrade Your Sanitary Wares And Fittings
It is important to give the choice of sanitary ware lots of consideration – not only must you be sure to choose items that will be used but it’s also essential that they help make your shower and bath experience even better.

1. Bath
You now have the time to include in luxury every day. TOTO’s wide range of bathtubs is specially designed to maximize the little time you have for yourself. Our Bathtubs not only cleanse your body but also entice you to soak in supreme comfort and tranquility.

2. Faucets
Fullsun’s TOTO EcoCap offer flow rate of as little as 3.6 liters per minute. It allows you to wash your hands without guilt because it significantly reduces water consumption. This is made possible by mixing air with water which saves water without any loss in stream volume. Sometimes, people worry that while sensor taps may save water, it may also increase their energy usage. But with TOTO Self Power technology, accurate hand detection means only the minimum necessary amount of water is used, while located inside the unit is the second technology, a generator that harnesses the energy from water flowing through the tap to make the micro-sensor energy-self-sufficient.

3. Toilet
Have you heard about “aerosol effect” of germs when a toilet is flushed? This is when bacteria get projected into the air and surrounding surfaces whenever you flush the toilet. This is why it’s important to practice shutting the lid when flushing to prevent spreading germs all over the place. Having said that, if your toothbrush is too close to the toilet, you risk contaminating it in case you forgot to close the toilet lid before flushing. Better yet, if you or other family members keeps forgetting to shut the lid before flushing, why not switch to a toilet that does it automatically for you? Fullsun’s Neorest Toilet automatically opens and closes every use so you wouldn’t have to worry about spreading the germs and contaminating everything.

4. Shower head
Sometimes, the shower head can make or break your shower experience. Just head over to Fullsun’s product section and you’ll see different types of shower heads, from shower column, fixed shower head, hand shower to shower fittings. Fullsun’s TOTO Technology even offers two shower heads which are the Aerial Shower and Aerial Pulse that promotes comfortable and enjoyable experience while reducing water consumption.

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