Things About Grab Bars That You Should Know

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While water is soothing and enjoyable, it can also make surfaces slippery.  Here is where a grab bar comes in handy for young or old.  When climbing out of the bath or shower, the grab bar provides extra stability, minimizing the tendency to slip on any wet surface. In Fullsun, we provide several different series of high quality Louis Grab Bars which are highly durable. You can surely find one that will suit the theme you’re going for in your bathroom. So if you are considering adding them to a shower, tub or toilet area in your home, here are the things that you should know beforehand.

Grab Bars Should Be Located Where They Can Best Assist Users In Preventing Slips And Falls

It’s an important thing to consider for the grab bars to be very useful is the height, position, and location of the bars which should be adjusted for the users. This way the user can actually maneuver himself around the bathroom without help.

At Fullsun, we have many different kinds of grab bars to that will fit different user’s needs. All of them are anti-bacterial and anti-slip (for Nylon material only), fade resistant, lockable and hygienic, and high life-expectancy, and has good thermal properties (for Nylon material only). We have:

Shower Seat And Grab Bar Area

Urinal Grab Bar

L Shaped Grab Bar

Lift Up Grab Bar
Basin Grab Bar
Grab Bar For Accessible Toilet
Grab Bar For Ambulant Cubicle
Shower Seat And Grab Bar Area
Urinal Grab Bar
L-Shaped Grab Bar
Horizontal L-Shaped Grab Bar
Straight Grab Bar
V-Shaped Grab Bar

All of them are made of heavy duty reinforce aluminum pipe internally and covered with nylon that has anti-bacterial and anti-slip features.

Not to mention that they all come in 2 different materials to choose from which are nylon externally and stainless-steel. They’re available in 4 different colors. Moreover, with our experiences in hospital projects, we have becomes familiar with BCA code on positioning and the length of grab bar to comply with.

Why Grab Bars And Sanitary Wares Should Be Placed Based On BCA

Grab bars increase accessibility and safety for people with a variety of disabilities or mobility difficulties and adhering to the BCA guidelines would best achieve this goal.

Our Heorte Studio is our showroom that specially showcases sanitary products suitable for the elderly, disabled and even patients in hospitals. Through our years of providing sanitary products to various hospital projects, we have come to realize that information about sanitary care products for the elderly, disabled and patients are very limited, not only in Singapore but even in the region.

In order to meet this need, Fullsun has thus invested in this studio to allow our customers to have a look and feel into the possible sanitary products available in the market, including our past projects that we have set-up in various hospitals. We hope that through this studio, our customers will have a better understanding of the sanitary ware and products that we are able to provide, in order to maximize the experience and environment of patients regardless of differences in treatment requirements and/or physical challenges.

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