Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Sanitary Ware And Fittings For Your Family Bathroom

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It is important to give the choice of sanitary ware lots of consideration – not only must you be sure to choose items that will be used, but it is also essential to choose sanitary ware that is durable, easy to clean, safe around children, and that it looks good too.

People like to lay down mattress or couches when shopping for them to see if they’d be comfortable while using them. You can do the same with bathtubs! This will give you a feel of how the tub feels against your body. Maybe you don’t want your feet pressing at the end of the tub, so you should get a longer one. Or if you like the feel of being cradled you might opt for one that is narrower. If you love to soak, get one that doesn’t have a back slope. You can only know all this by getting in the tub yourself.

You now have the time to include in luxury every day. TOTO’s wide range of bathtubs is specially designed to maximize the little time you have for yourself. Our Bathtubs not only cleanse your body but also entice you to soak in supreme comfort and tranquility.

Traditional taps can use up to 10-15 litres of water per minute. In comparison, Fullsun’s TOTO EcoCap offer flow rate of as little as 3.6 liters per minute. It allows you to wash your hands without guilt because it significantly reduces water consumption. This is made possible by mixing air with water which saves water without any loss in stream volume.
Sometimes, people worry that while sensor taps may save water, it may also increase their energy usage. But with TOTO Self Power technology, accurate hand detection means only the minimum necessary amount of water is used, while located inside the unit is the second technology, a generator that harnesses the energy from water flowing through the tap to make the micro-sensor energy-self-sufficient.

TOTO toilet bowl’s rimless design helps ensure that dirt and bacteria aren’t able to collect in the first place.

Moreover, our new TOTO Tornado Flush toilet with completely new flushing system cleans and flushes both the rim and bowl in an innovative way where it project three powerful jets of water from inside the bowl so you won’t have to flush twice and clean manually.

Not to mention that CeFiONtect is a glaze applied to all TOTO ceramic products, including our toilets, leaving them with a long-lasting finish that prevents the build-up of mould, limescale and waste matter. You’ll thank yourself you opted for TOTO toilet when you’ve had a long day and you don’t wanna worry about doing your business in the bathroom without cleaning up afterwards because otherwise your bathroom will look like a mess.

If you have limited space, wall hung, floor standing or console sink would be best. All of them keeps the room from looking cramped because it free up a lot of floor space. Meanwhile, under counter is a breeze to clean because of the lack of a lip separating the counter from the basin.

Sometimes, the showerhead can make or break your shower experience. Just head over to Fullsun’s product section and you’ll see different types of showerheads, from shower column, fixed shower head, hand shower to shower fittings. Fullsun’s TOTO Technology even offers two shower heads which are the Aerial Shower and Aerial Pulse that promotes comfortable and enjoyable experience while reducing water consumption. Choose the one that most suitable for your needs as well as your bathroom’s overall appeal that you want to achieve.

Grab Bars
While water is soothing and enjoyable, it can also make surfaces slippery. Here is where a grab bar comes in handy for young or old. When climbing out of the bath or shower, the grab bar provides extra stability, minimizing the tendency to slip on any wet surface. In Fullsun, we provide several different series of high quality Louis Grab Bars which are highly durable. You can surely find one that will suit the theme you’re going for in your bathroom.

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