Tips You Want To Remember When Purchasing Bathroom Fixtures

It will improve your house quality and rating if you decide to go green with your bathroom fixtures. Water saving shower heads like Aerial Shower and Aerial

It’s no secret that our house needs an upgrade every now and then. However, sometimes the area that needs the most improvement often gets the least one. This is usually the case for our bathrooms which can be odd considering starting and ending the day wouldn’t be complete without using our bathroom for personal hygiene activities as well as relaxation. Give your bathroom some love by knowing how to pick out accessories that compliments your bathroom aesthetics as well as you daily needs.

Check Out Thermostatic Capabilities
Do you know what’s worse than running out of water in the middle of showering? It’s getting scalded by a sudden rush of hot water! This could happen when someone else in the house flushes the toilet or uses a faucet, the cold water get redirected there and with less cold water “tempering” your hot water you end up with much hotter water than you’d like. Prevent this from happening again by installing high-efficiency toilets should help alleviate this problem by reducing the amount of water needed to flush them. Another fix involves installing a thermostatic mixing valve in your showers. This device will modulate the hot- and cold-water flows, whatever the usage by other fixtures, to keep the temperature of the shower consistently safe as well as comfortable.

Check Out Water-Saving Options
Did you know that a faucet leaking 10 drips every minute wastes 526 gallons of water per year? Lack of water is the greatest challenge humanity faces in many parts of the world. It’s best to conserve water as much as we can before it’s too late. It will improve your house quality and rating if you decide to go green with your bathroom fixtures. Water saving shower heads like Aerial Shower and Aerial Pulse that promotes comfortable and enjoyable experience while reducing water consumption. Touch-less electronic faucets like TOTO Self Power technology are fantastic too! These sensor taps’ accurate hand detection means only the minimum necessary amount of water is used, while located inside the unit is the second technology, a generator that harnesses the energy from water flowing through the tap to make the micro-sensor energy-self-sufficient.

Choose Space Saving Bathroom Fixtures That Is Functional But Stylish
If you have used a sink and tub that are streamlined, then use faucets and shower heads that would go along with it to get a modern look like a goose neck faucet. If your fixtures are embellished, then you can get porcelain-brass combos for a traditional look. Don’t just pick what looks nice, think about how everything in your bathroom looks and works together.

Don’t Forget About Safety
Yes the wet room is mainly for its function but it doesn’t hurt to add features that will make showering more comfortable and safe too, right? It doesn’t matter if you live alone, or with small children, elderly folks, or loved ones with disability, having these safety items in your bathroom is something you’ll never regret. Since slips and falls often occurs due to the room’s constantly wet nature, going ahead and installing all these will prove to be advantageous, probably not now, but definitely when you need it most and least expect it to.

A wall-mounted safety bar for your shower or next to the toilet is a great idea to add stability and safety in your bathroom. In Fullsun, we provide several different series of high quality Louis Grab Bars which are highly durable.

Ensure Quality Of The Products
Buying online can save you some time as compared to going down to a showroom, but check that websites are trusted and that products sold are authentic. A safer alternative would be to purchase directly from websites of manufacturers or authorized dealers. Remember to check for the warranty of your products. It also pays to learn about the materials of the fixtures. Depending on how you maintain your fixtures, most material should last you quite a while.

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