Toilet Bowl Buying Guide: How To Buy The Best Toilet for You

bathroom toilet

The bathroom toilet is one of the most important and most-used items in your house. Therefore, it is more beneficial to find one that can conserve water and is powerful enough to clean the bowl in a single flush as compared to choosing one simply based on colour and design. 

The average toilet bowl price in Singapore will differ based on the brand, number of features, and quality of materials used. However, you should not expect a powerful flush or high quality materials of the toilet, if you are not prepared to spend more on a good quality model from the start.

How To Choose a Toilet?

1. House type and Set-out

Depending on your house type and outlet, it can limit the choices you have for a suitable toilet which can be installed. Therefore it will be good to measure the space you need in the bathroom. This can be the distance from floor to the outlet for a P-trap (X) or the wall to the centre of the waste outlet for an S-trap (Y). This helps you determine the set-out required when selecting a toilet.

House type and Set-out


2. Function and Flushing Efficiency

As you will be using your toilet for at least 10 years, it is worth doing more research on the type of toilet to buy. You can compare the test results of the flushing abilities across different manufacturers or specific toilet models online. 

Another option is to invest in the Tornado Flush feature that can be found in every new TOTO toilet. This flushing system can clean and flush both the rim and bowl in an innovative way. Instead of letting the water pour down from the rim like traditional toilets do, the Tornado Flush projects three powerful jets of power from inside the bowl to create a whirlpool effect that cleans the entire surface more thoroughly and efficiently. It is also silent and water-efficient.

tornado flush

3. Design and Style

There are different types of designs and styles of a toilet such as a wall hung (C762E), close coupled (TOTO CW252PJ / SW252JP), one piece (TOTO C889DESI) and the wall faced (TOTO CW813PJ).

Normally for HDB flats, close coupled and one piece are more popular choices as they take up lesser space and are simpler to install. For wall hung types, there needs to be an additional wall & concealed cistern tank in place for the toilet to be hung securely.

wall hung
Wall hung
close coupled
Close coupled
wall faced
Wall faced


How much is the average toilet bowl price?

The TOTO toilet bowl price starts from a minimum cost of $700. If you opt for a premium model that is of better quality and has more features, it can be more expensive but worth the value in the long run.

Some guidelines on buying new toilet bowls

Be sure to check what type of trap (S-trap or P-trap) is found in your house to know which toilet bowl in Singapore is suitable for your house. Normally for HDBs, it will be a s trap and for condos or landed properties, the trap depends on the structure of the house and are usually more flexible in letting you choose toilet bowls that suit the dimensions of the space.  

In conclusion, the flushing efficiency is one of the most important considerations for homeowners to own a toilet in Singapore as stated by the PUB, you need to have a toilet that effectively reduces the amount of water used. This makes the TOTO buy toilet bowl in Singapore one of the best brands to consider.