Top 3 Signs That Says It’s Time For A Bathroom Renovation

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There is no doubt that the bathroom is one of the most important and most used rooms in a home. However, it’s also commonly one of the last to receive that much needed upgrade. Here are three signs that your bathrooms need a long overdue refurbishment.

1. Your Family Situation Has Changed
If you share the bathroom with the rest of your family, then it should be able to accommodate all your needs. This means you should consider renovating it to make the space bigger if you live with loved ones in wheelchair so they can move around easier. Aside from that, it would be a great idea to replace sanitary wares to better accommodate them as well as the children or add some fixture like grab bars to prevent slips and falls. Adding another sink or installing a larger bathtub helps too if you’re expecting a new addition to the household.

2. It’s Out Of Date And Trend
This doesn’t mean you have to renovate every time a new bathroom trend or design comes out. This just means if it no longer look cohesive to the rest of your house or some of your sanitary wares have become way too old looking to look presentable then it’s probably time to upgrade.

3. Structural Issues Are Starting To Pop Up
Are you tired of recurrent clogs, cosmetic or physical damage, or multiple internal issues in your toilet? Considering installing glass shower doors because you’re sick of dealing with molds and grime in shower curtains? Having plumbing issues with your sink? Or the leaking faucet and showerhead is really bothering? These are just some of the issues that definitely require replacement and may be a bathroom overhaul.

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