Top 4 Shower Problems That May Ruin Your Shower Experience

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Traditionally, bathrooms were only needed for personal hygiene and excretion. However, times have changed which also altered how people view and utilizes their bathroom nowadays. Today, bathrooms have become a place where people retreat to when they want to relax and soak their stress away. However, you may come across some shower problems in the future that may make your shower experience stressful instead of relaxing. Here are some of them and some tips to solve the issue.

1. Low Water Pressure
It’s not only annoying to shower with the pressure so low you can barely wash your hands. It’s also a huge waste of time because you’ll have to take longer time just to be able to wash off all the suds off your body. You’ll notice that this usually happens when someone else uses a faucet or shower in the house while you’re also using it. This is because of the trunk-and-branch design that most plumbing have which basically means a large pipe (a “trunk”) runs from one end of the structure to the other, and smaller pipes “branch” off to individual fixture. So what happens is that when you’re on the shower and someone flushes the toilet, the water gets diverted and you end up with less water. There are a couple of solutions to this problem like increasing your pipe’s diameter or closing the supply valve to your toilet slightly. But, if the problem is with the showerhead itself, you may wanna consider replacing your showerhead. Just head over to Fullsun’s product section and you’ll see different types of showerheads, from shower column, fixed shower head, hand shower to shower fittings. Fullsun’s TOTO Technology even offers two shower heads which are the Aerial Shower and Aerial Pulse that promotes comfortable and enjoyable experience while reducing water consumption.

2. Clogged Drain
Clogging anywhere in the bathroom is never fun. But most of the time it only takes a second to fix it because it’s usually hair that accumulated in the drain that’s causing the clogging. You just have to remove that and place a hair catcher to avoid this in the future. But if you’ve removed the hair and it’s still clogging, you may need a bent wire to remove possible gunk that’s stuck in the pipe. Pouring vinegar through the drain helps too. If that’s still not working, time to whip out the good old plunger to get the job done.

3. Burst Of Hot Water
Do you know what’s worse than running out of water in the middle of showering? It’s getting scalded by a sudden rush of hot water! This could happen when someone else in the house flushes the toilet or uses a faucet, the cold water get redirected there and with less cold water “tempering” your hot water you end up with much hotter water than you’d like. Prevent this from happening again by installing high-efficiency toilets should help alleviate this problem by reducing the amount of water needed to flush them. Another fix involves installing a thermostatic mixing valve in your showers. This device will modulate the hot- and cold-water flows, whatever the usage by other fixtures, to keep the temperature of the shower consistently safe as well as comfortable.

4. Leaky Shower
A leaking shower may not seem as big deal but you’d be surprise with how much water it wastes in a day. 200 liters—Is the reported amount of water any leaking sanitary wares and fittings waste in a day. Not only that this waste a natural resource but it also means paying money for water you didn’t even use. So better fix them as soon as you notice any leak.

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