TOTO Washlet in Singapore Explained: Features and Functions


In the world of sanitary ware, or more specifically the toilet, the name TOTO isn’t something that we’re not familiar with. In fact, it is the biggest bathroom manufacturer in Asia, producing high-quality sanitary ware.

Today, TOTO offers some of the most innovative and modern bathroom products in Singapore as well as other neighbouring Asian countries, the US, and Europe. As such, you can find any TOTO products in Singapore, be it in commercial or residential projects.

If you are in the market for a TOTO Washlet, you have come to the right place because we offer a range of TOTO products for you to choose from. And this piece will cover the features and functions of a TOTO Washlet in Singapore.

What is a TOTO Washlet?

Launched in 1980, the TOTO Washlet is an electronic shower toilet seat that changes the way we clean ourselves after using the toilet. Over time, this has since reduced some of our reliance on toilet paper.

Besides, thanks to the washlet’s various features, anyone using the washroom can expect to enjoy a comfortable bathroom experience. However, for a washlet to function properly in the toilet, it requires proper installation by an electrician as it runs on electricity.

As a cleaner and hygienic alternative to toilet papers, the washlet can provide front and rear cleansing after you do your business in the toilet. After all, you get to save money in the long run with reduced consumption of toilet paper.

Features and Functions of a TOTO Washlet

The TOTO Washlet is a toilet seat that has a built-in bidet. It has features and functions that are not found in regular toilet seats. It is designed to provide users with a more comfortable, hygienic, and refreshing experience.

In addition, the TOTO Washlet features multiple cleansing spray patterns, adjustable water pressure and temperature, heated seat, deodoriser, and auto open/close lid. The TOTO Washlet also comes with an automatic cleaning cycle that cleans the toilet bowl after every use.

Depending on the Washlet’s model, it can have varying features which offer varying levels of cleansing, comfort, and hygiene. Let’s look at those features.


Multiple Cleansing Spray Patterns

Most TOTO Washlets are equipped with multiple cleansing solutions, thanks to the Air-In Wonder Wave technology, to provide users with a satisfying feeling of cleanliness without wasting water. It uses air-rich water droplets to produce a comfortable washing sensation to give users a thorough cleansing.

Heated Seat

Using the toilet at night can sometimes be a chilling experience when the seat is cold to the rim. Thanks to TOTO’s innovative technology, you can now have your seat begin to warm up to a suitable temperature the moment you approach, so that you do not have to sit on a cold surface.


There are times when you have to let out your body’s waste, causing the entire bathroom to smell unpleasant. However, with a TOTO Washlet, you need not worry about the scent as the deodoriser can help to disguise the scent after you use the toilet. After all, this feature automatically occurs inside the toilet bowl during and immediately after use.

Auto Open/Close Lid

We all know what it is like to have to open and close the lid. However, with TOTO Washlet’s auto open/close lid, you need not touch the toilet’s surface as it activates when you approach or leave the toilet. This will make it easy if you need to use the toilet at night and maybe helpful for anyone who has difficulties using the washroom on their own.

Self-Cleaning Functions

Unlike your regular toilets, most TOTO Washlets in Singapore are equipped with self-cleaning technologies such as Premist and EWATER+.

Before every use, TOTO’s Premist technology automatically sprays water over the inner toilet bowl to prevent waste from clinging onto the surface. This washes the waste away more easily due to the toilet bowl’s hydrophilic nature.

After using the toilet, EWATER+ effectively removes and prevents waste and bacteria from accumulating on the wand and toilet bowl for a germ-free toilet. It is automatically sprayed eight hours after you last use the toilet to impede bacterial growth.

As a matter of fact, EWATER+ is produced by electrolysis of chloride ions in tap water, which is free of chemicals and cleaning agents. That way, you need not worry about the water returning to its original state in the environment.

Auto Flush

Do you often forget to flush the toilet after using it? You might need the TOTO Washlet as it is equipped with a technology that enables the auto flush. Besides, you need not touch the buttons or handles and can worry less about forgetting to flush. It is the perfect function for someone who can be forgetful.

TOTO Washlet Price in Singapore

The TOTO Washlet price in Singapore usually ranges from $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the model you buy. At the time of writing, Fullsun is offering a 30% discount on TOTO Washlets, allowing you to install one at an affordable cost. You can also checkout some of the packages for TOTO toilets.

Should you purchase a TOTO Washlet?

It generally depends on you and your budget. On normal days, TOTO Washlets are sold at their original prices. You should take this opportunity to purchase TOTO products as the items are going at 30%. After all, a sale like this is not something you want to miss because it can help you save money on creating a better toilet experience. For more information on TOTO Washlets, check out our online store here.