TOTO Year-End Sale: 4 Items You Should Look Out For

The end of the year is nearly! In a few weeks, we will bid goodbye to 2021 and welcome the new year with new resolutions, new bathroom features, new everything.

While 2021 may seem like another year, the past year has been pretty challenging for many of us as there were plenty of ups and downs with COVID-19 threatening to keep us all indoors. As such, we all long for normalcy and are more eager for something to celebrate.

For this reason, we’re having the TOTO Year-End Sale so that you can replace some of your old bathroom accessories for the new year! After all, year-end sales are the ones that we always look forward to, thanks to greater discounts and savings compared to mid-year sales, etc.

What are the items to look out for? 

Ranging from faucets, water taps, shower sets to basins and Washlet + Ecowasher/bidet seat, our TOTO year-end sale is here for you to create a better bathroom experience at home. Let’s take a look at some of the bathroom items that you should look out for.

Bear in mind that all TOTO products are going at a 30% discount whereas the TOTO toilet bowl + Washlet/Ecowasher bundles are going at a 40% discount. Without further ado, here are the items that you should look out for:

1. TOTO toilet + Washlet/Ecowasher bundles

TOTO toilets on their own are equipped with TOTO Clean Synergy technologies such as CeFiONtect, tornado flush, eWater+, etc. These technologies combined with TOTO’s rimless toilet bowl design make cleaning a lot easier and keep the toilet clean at all times.

When you purchase a TOTO toilet + Washlet/Ecowasher bundle during this year-end sale, you get to save up to 40% of the original cost. Take the C769ESI and TCF4911SP bundle as an example. The initial cost of this bundle is $3,800, after the 40% discount, it’s now $2,280 – a saving of $1,520!


TOTO Washlet

TOTO toilet + Washlet bundle

The one-piece toilet features a stylish, sleek design with a dual flush system, which is a convenient way of manually selecting the water volume of each flush and you get to save water.

Meanwhile, the multi-function Washlet comes with remote control and is fully equipped with a comfortable rear, front, and oscillating cleansing functions. It also has an adjustable warm air dryer, auto powerful deodoriser, soft closing seat and cover, heated seat with temperature control, and Pre-mist water spraying function.

2. TOTO Basins

Oftentimes we think that our bathroom basins hold little to zero significance in enhancing our bathroom experience. While this may be true for some, TOTO’s washbasins have proven this theory wrong with the integration of CeFiONtect technology during the basin’s manufacturing process.

It is the same ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats TOTO’s toilets as the microscopic surface ridges are far smaller than waste particles, leaving no place for debris to gain a foothold on the basin. It’s also extremely durable and hydrophilic, allowing water to spread easily over the basin and wash away debris.

One example of TOTO’s basins that comes with this specification is the L5715E. This console basin is manufactured with TOTO’s Clean Synergy Technology (CeFiONtect) to prevent debris from accumulating on the basin’s surface.

TOTO Bathroom Basin

TOTO Console Basin

Like other TOTO products, this basin is going at a 30% discount with an initial cost of $398. After the discount which is worth $119.40, it costs $278.60. With the specs above, this TOTO basin is value-worthy in the long run and you get to enhance your bathroom aesthetic with its simple yet sophisticated appearance.

3. TOTO Shower Set

Aside from the toilet + Washer/Ecowasher bundle and basins, TOTO’s year-end sale is also extended to shower sets – one of the bathroom fixtures that are responsible to give you a nice, refreshing shower.

A typical water heater usually comes with its own shower set but if you want to elevate your showering experience, TOTO has a range of shower sets that work to do just that. One example is the 3-Way Shower Column Set TX493SRR.