TOTO Technology

  • Actilight

What is Actilight

Actilight represents the zenith of the clean technology. Its powerful cleaning system brings new levels of health and hygiene to your washroom.

Actilight includes two key features: a scientifically formulated glaze that’s fired onto the bowl and an ultraviolet light inside the lid. The glaze is fired with titanium dioxide and zirconium oxide. The titanium dioxide acts as the photocatalyst and reacts with the ultraviolet light to keep the bowl clean. The zirconium oxide provides superior durability while lending the bowl a shimmering quality. When the lid is closed, the ultraviolet light blankets the bowl and interacts with oxygen and water in the air. This interaction produces active oxygen on the bowl’s surface that breaks down organic matter.

Actilight, combined with all other TOTO cleaning technologies such as eWater+, makes it practically impossible for bacteria, dirt and mold to accumulate in the toilet bowl.


  • Antibacterial
  • Self cleaning
  • Decomposes waste
  • Chemical-free and environmentally friendly