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  • Washlet+

What is Washlet+?

WASHLET+ is a new series of WASHLET and toilet sets. All connecting pipes and cords are hidden inside the smooth encasement. Even more than introducing a smarter sense of style to the bathroom, this design ensures easier cleaning and daily use. Various sets are available to choose from.

Toilet and WASHLET+ combinations that are beautiful from any angle.

Making it possible to pursue beautiful design, WASHLET+ is a new series of toilet and WASHLET+ combinations that use a TOTO proprietary system to conceal WASHLET+ water supply hose and electrical cord inside.

WASHLET+ is loaded with amenities that bring comfort and ease to daily life. Toilet lids that open and close automatically. Automated flushing and deodorizing. Remote control operation. Inviting features turn the daily ritual into a time of relaxation and harmony.