6 Types Of Basin: Pros And Cons

different types of basins

One of the main focal areas when redecorating your bathroom is the basin. You’ll be surprised at the difference a new bathroom basin will make in your bathroom. Therefore, you may want to change things up. 

However, this decision may be more challenging than you assume, which can surprise you. There are a lot of different types, designs, and choices available when it comes to basins. To choose the best one for your home, it’s crucial to understand the distinctions between them before making a choice.

Wall Hung

wall hung basin sinks

As the name suggests, these sinks mount on the wall. When space is limited, these sinks are ideal. They are also among the most economical. The plumbing may be exposed or hidden, where a half pedestal is used to cover it. 

Additionally, this type of sink is entirely on their own with the lack of a vanity or countertop. This basic basin can be transformed into a spectacular element with the right finishing touch. The room underneath makes it ideal for wheelchair users, and cleaning is also a breeze.


  • Easy access for wheelchairs
  • Easy cleaning
  • Affordable


  • Limited storage space
  • If plumbings are visible, pipes are exposed to extreme temperatures 

Self Rimming

self rimming basins

One of the most popular types of basin is a self-rimming sink, usually referred to as a top mount or drop. The sink’s lip or edge is left uncovered and rests on the countertop, holding it in place. As the name implies, they are “dropped in” to a countertop through a pre-cut hole.

The majority of models aren’t particularly elaborate, but their simplicity offers a simple appearance that can be pleasing. They’re also typically quite easy to clean and maintain because there aren’t any gaps or cracks where mould or mildew might accumulate.


  • Easy to clean
  • Allows you to maintain your existing countertop


  • Accurate measurement is vital
  • Requires a countertop

Counter Top

Counter top basins

Counter top basins, as the name suggests, sit atop a counter unit. In addition to having the extra convenience of running water, they are also referred to as “vessel” basins and look like the traditional washbowls from long ago.

These basins have a historical aesthetic that is especially magnificent in period homes that have been restored, but you can also find contemporary, artistic renditions that would fit in with any designer showroom.


  • Able to hold large amount of water
  • Unique aesthetic 
  • It is tall enough that you do not have to hunch over


  • Takes up counter space
  • Height of counter is critical

Under Counter

Under counter basins

These also go by the name “under-mount sinks.” It is easier to clean because an under-counter sink is positioned below the counter. Due to the lack of an outer ring, you have extra counter space. Moreover, there isn’t a lip sticking out above the counter, which makes the sink and countertop look smooth and homogeneous when viewed from above.

Although simple to install, it is safer when placed in a vanity with quartz, stone, or synthetic composite countertop. This sink looks good in any bathroom.

Due to their practicality, these bathroom sinks are frequently seen in public locations like restaurants, hotels, and restrooms. The design also makes it possible to expand the area around the sink in the bathroom.


  • Easy to clean
  • Storage space
  • Matches with any bathroom design


  • Requires quartz, stone, or synthetic composite countertop
  • Expensive
  • Allow for more water spillage than other sink types

Corner Basin

corner basin sink

Rather than being designed to sit on the flat surface of a single wall, corner sinks are tailored to accommodate into the corners of bathrooms. This is a fantastic way to give a compact bathroom a modern feel.

Although a small cabinet may be included underneath these, exposed pipes are more common. Even though they take up less room, these sinks don’t have a place to store toiletries.

Corner bathroom sinks are set up with the major fixtures in the corner where the walls meet. On each wall, additional support is added to the edges of the sink.


  • Space saving
  • Unique installation
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Limited storage space
  • Small sinks

Semi Recessed

semi recessed basin sinks

A semi-recessed wash basin falls halfway between a counter-mounted and a wall-mounted basin. Half of the basin extends over the counter’s edge, and the other half rests back into it.

To put it simply, the front portion of the basin juts from the vanity. A semi-recessed alternative can be the best choice if your bathroom is small, but you still need storage space in the cupboard below your sink.


  • Space saving
  • Counter space
  • Accessible for children


  • Limited storage space
  • Allow for more water spillage

Create The Ideal Sanctuary In Your Bathroom With The Perfect Basin

When choosing the ideal basin for your bathroom, there are various factors to take into account. Take your time browsing around in stores and online.

Selecting the perfect bathroom basin for you is crucial because it serves as the bathroom’s focal point. Decide which basin will work best for you and your family based on your gathered information. 

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