Bidet Seat vs Toilet Paper: Which is More Hygienic?

When it comes to using the toilet, Singaporeans are more familiar with the toilet paper or bidet seat. While toilet paper is still being used today, the use of a bidet seat has also grown popular among today’s generation.

Though there are times when you feel that the toilet paper may suffice, the bidet seat provides better cleansing and enhances your hygiene after you visit the toilet. That said, there are pros and cons of using each tool for your hygiene.

Bidet Seat

As the pioneer of electronic bidet seat (WASHLET), TOTO has been in this industry for many years. With over a century rich with innovation, TOTO has changed the way we perceive what a bathroom can be and how it can be used. Thus, it has grown to become the industry’s leading and premier supplier of plumbing-related products.
Given its popularity in Europe and East Asian countries, the electronic bidet seat (washlet) gets your backside cleaner than you can achieve with dry toilet paper. Let’s understand how it can benefit you by taking the TOTO Washlet Singapore as an example.


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Cleaner feeling

Imagine stepping on animal faeces while you’re walking at the park. Your first instinct would be to clean your shoes immediately with water to get rid of the faeces as well as to minimise the stink. The same principle can be said about using a bidet to clean your backside after you use the toilet.

Equipped with a range of technology such as the Air-In Wonder Wave, the TOTO WASHLET uses air-rich water droplets to produce a more comfortable washing sensation and deliver thorough cleansing with less water consumption. What’s more is that you get warm water and different spray cleansing patterns to clean your backside, giving you a cleaner feel after using the toilet.

Saves money in the long run

You might be wondering how does installing a bidet seat (TOTO WASHLET) in the bathroom or toilet helps to save money in the long run? Before you come up with a conclusion, here’s something for you to ponder on.

Did you know that a person uses an average of 81 rolls of toilet paper which is equivalent to spending $243 a year on toilet papers? That’s flushing your money down the drain! However, with TOTO WASHLET, after your initial investment on the installation, you get to save about $182 a year, which increases depending on the number of family members you have.


Aside from reducing the need to use toilet paper, the TOTO WASHLET has another feature known as Premist, which contributes greatly to being environmental-friendly. It sprays water to the toilet bowl before you use it and prevents waste from clinging onto the toilet bowl. This means you can minimise the use of toilet detergents in the future.

For first-time users, using the bidet may be uncomfortable. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll realise that it’s a convenience which you can enjoy every day.

Toilet paper

Manufactured by the Chinese in the early 14th century, the use of toilet paper wasn’t widespread until 1857, when a New Yorker marketed it as “Medicated Paper, for the Water-Closet”. This goes to show that the use of toilet paper goes far back despite its effect on the environment.
However, with the recent discourse on conserving and preserving the environment for future generations, toilet paper has no longer been deemed a necessity in some countries. That’s because of the advancement of technology along with continuous innovations by industry experts.

That said, the production of toilet paper involves chopping down trees, which are then debarked to be chopped into small pieces of wooden pulp. It then goes through the multi-stage washer system and chemical process to produce what we know as toilet paper. The production cycle continues as long as there’s a demand for toilet paper.

If you’re looking for a cleaner alternative to toilet paper, installing a bidet seat works to do just that while providing your bathroom with modern innovation. At Fullsun , we provide a variety of TOTO WASHLETS to revolutionise bathrooms across Singapore.