8 Ways To Add Pops Of Colours To A Neutral Bathroom

bathroom accessories

Since your bathroom serves as your haven, you should decorate it in any way you choose. While neutral colours are frequently the preferred option for bathrooms, there are methods to incorporate colour as well. 

In a smaller area, the use of bold colours can remarkably impact how the room feels. When done effectively, it can add to the environment’s overall wellness, comfort, and tranquillity while establishing a posh and elegant aesthetic that uplifts the spirit and soothes the nerves. 

Here are some simple ways to incorporate colour into your bathroom design while keeping the space clean and put together.

Bathroom Shelves

Brushed Zirconium Gold Wall Mounted Shelf
Brushed Zirconium Gold Wall Mounted Shelf – KA-04712BZG

The most practical storage solution is to incorporate bathroom shelves. This will allow you to store essentials that are needed frequently and some decor items, such as:

  • Toilet rolls 
  • Towels 
  • Plants
  • Art pieces

Additionally, with bathroom shelves, you can also use the vertical space in your bathroom effectively. FullSun has a broad range of bathroom shelves with various colours, materials and sizes. 

One of the most versatile bathroom shelves that can be found at FullSun is the KA-04712BZG shelf by LOUIS. With its minimalist design, this shelf can complement any bathroom theme while adding a pop of colour. There are three different colours that the KA-04712BZG shelf comes in, including:

  • Chrome
  • Brushed gunmetal 
  • Brushed zirconium gold
Chrome Wall Mounted
Chrome Wall Mounted Shelf KA-04712C


Brushed Gunmetal Wall Mounted Shelf
Brushed Gunmetal Wall Mounted Shelf – KA-04712G



Toilet Paper Holder

toilet paper holder

A toilet paper holder is an essential accessory for a bathroom. Not only does it provide convenience, but it is also an opportunity for you to add a pop of colour. Toilet paper holders do not have to be plain and boring looking. 

Take the KA-3302BW toilet paper holder by LOUIS, for instance. The black walnut colour of the product provides a touch of warmth while offering maximum functionality by having dual paper holders and a shelf. 

Brushed Gunmetal Toilet Paper Holder
Brushed Gunmetal Toilet Paper Holder –  KA-61712G

Robe Hooks

robe hook

Robe hooks provide convenience, a subtle touch of uniqueness, and a pop of colour to your bathroom. If you’re looking to design your bathroom in a minimalist style, robe hooks are the ideal alternative. With a broad range of designs, colours and styles, you will be able to find one that complements your bathroom theme seamlessly. 

The KA-90712C robe hook by LOUIS is a durable and versatile option. Its subtle and simple design fits in perfectly with any bathroom style while also providing functionality. 

Brushed Gunmetal Robe Hook
Brushed Gunmetal Robe Hook – KA-90712G-D

Cabinet Knobs And Pulls 

To prevent abrasion and add colour, you can decorate your bathroom cabinets with vibrant knobs and pulls. For instance, white porcelain can truly highlight copper or bronze fixtures. 

Incorporate anything that complements your design style, including: 

  • Coloured glass knobs
  • Painted wood knobs
  • Coloured ceramic knobs


One popular mistake is that since bathrooms are frequently smaller than other rooms in your house, you shouldn’t care about decorating them. However, this is not true. 

A few strategically placed decor pieces are key to making this room feel completely put together. To fully emphasise your design, take into account incorporating candles, baskets, or elegant display shelves.

Wall Art

Wall art is an alternative that is frequently disregarded when adding colour to the bathroom. Particularly if your bathroom walls are painted in neutral tones, there is certainly a lot of free space. By choosing wall art, you have an excellent chance to add some colour to your bathroom.

One great way to add a splash of colour is strategically positioning your wall art. Before hanging anything up in the bathroom, make sure to take the level of moisture into account. To provide additional protection, you will either need to choose something that is water-resistant or add a frame. If not, you risk damaging your wall art.


If you’re not into colour coordination or DIY paint or wallpaper installation, the easiest option is to use colours and components from nature. Placing indoor plants in prominent spots is a subtle and low-maintenance method to enhance your bathroom. Depending on the plants you pick, it’s an ideal way to revitalise and cleanse the air as well.

Plants can be placed in hanging baskets and hung from your shower rod or by the window curtain if your bathroom is small and there aren’t enough surfaces for you to display them. The vivid tones of nature’s greenery will undoubtedly stand out against most wall colours.


While bold designs are trendy, and your bathroom is the perfect spot for them, only some bathrooms will be an ideal location for wallpaper. You should make sure your fan is efficient to prevent the paper from peeling immediately. 

Furthermore, there are a plethora of alternatives for peel-and-stick wallpaper, giving you a fantastic opportunity to change it up more frequently. To make it stand out further, consider covering just one wall and painting the remainder of the space a neutral colour.

Create An Oasis In Your Bathroom By Harmonising Every Element In The Space 

The bathroom is a creative zone where traditional rules can be stretched or even disregarded while remodelling your home. You should feel liberated to have fun and try various colour combinations in the bathroom because it’s such a carefree space. 

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